A Typical Argument With An Atheist On Yahoo Answers

Theist(T): How did protein synthesis for DNA occur in water on primordial Earth?
Atheist(A): Lol you're stupid. Protein synthesis is possible.
T: I never said it wasn't. I asked how it happened in water on primordial Earth.
A: Lmao moron. Your stupidity is too much.
T: Are you going to answer my question or are you going to continue with insults?
A: It happened in a MEMBRANE. lol. See this
T: Cool. A membrane is made of lipids, protein, and sugars. So where did the initial protein come from that made up the membrane?
A: A membrane
T: How did protein synthesis occur in water to make up that membrane?
A: It happened in a membrane
T: What's the membrane made of?
A: Lipids, protein, sugars
T: So where did it get its protein?
A: OH that's what you were tryna ask? Aliens carried it in comets..
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Let us play a game. In my mind I will temporarily relinquish all of our advanced scientific knowledge about the world, I'll conceptually limit my a posteriori understanding of reality to the level that Plato had access to. Now in my new state of epistemic poverty, give me at least one adequate reason to believe that the proposition "God exists" is likely to be true.

no need

Abiogenesis and evolution are both unrelated to atheism. God dammit.

You mean Goddidit*

No I mean if there's no explanation for how humans began to exist, that just means you don't know how humans began to exist, it's irrelevant to God. I know that many religions hold that God created humans, but whether or not there's an accurate scientific theory about how humans began to exist, that's still pretty silly and really no better than just saying "Humans began to exist by magic!".

Actually, almost all religions trace their origins to ancient Egyptian religion.


Not OK. Most Christians do not realize Horus, the son of God, crucified for three days only to be resurrected.

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Why would you ask atheists instead of biologists and other ologists? Oh yeah, trolling.