Why I Am An Atheist

Well, to start off, out of my personal opinion, there is no "omnipotent" being. As far as evolution, there may be a being far more superior to us that may have abilities to seem godly (aliens, inter-dimensional being, what have you), but that's just my two cents.

Anyways, as for why I choose atheist, it is because I believe that I shouldn't have to prove my goodness through preaching but through actions. I do things because I believe them to be good, not because a book or an ancient deity tells me to do so, but because I feel it to be right, in the depths of my heart. Now, some may say that this is the voice of god telling me to do so. No, not from my perspective. I believe it is an ancient instinct, a self-preservation technique used by pack animals to help each other in order to grow into a tighter, more unified species. Ergo, to help others is to help humanity to evolve as a whole. While it isn't under a morality complex, I believe in the unity of humans, that, if we are allowed to, any human can put their best foot forward towards another. Once we all realize that, once unified, we can be a far more powerful as a species, where there is no black, no white, no Arabian, nor Asian. We will be human, cuz at the core of it all, without the religion, without ethnicity, what are we but humans?
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Nicely put. I totally agree with the notion that a 'divine' being could exist but that doesn't mean that it is the creator or that we should worship it, although I understand why some people choose to believe in something higher than ourselves, for reassurance or whatever reason.
People try to find a reason for things they feel and witness but when they can't, it's easy to turn to the idea that there is something else controlling it other than ourselves.
History has seen many wars and deaths that result from a difference in opinion, and when it comes to religion, it all seems quite pointless. Religions that worship one god, one creator, whatever name you give it, it's the same thing yet they find so many other differences to fight about.