Not Really

not really..i just don't care if god exists or not
it is not like i sense his presence anyway
my mind is so messed up because of religion
you giving me bunch of stupid rules with no logical reason (in my opinion at least) & tell me because god said so

fĂșck it ..I'm out of this game
all of you people can fight about who is right & who is wrong
I just don't care!

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I feel you! And I also feel sorry for Islam.. I hate the fact that they do everything wrong under the excuse "God says so" I hope they all burn in hell.

I think that if you do not care whether God exist then you should just go and have as much fun as you can.If God does exist and his great day comes well you lived to the full and that will be that.

Regarding: "religion - you giving me bunch of stupid rules with no logical reason".......

Take, just for example, the 10 Commandments. They are not presented to control us but to help us, to protect us. Generally speaking, breaking a commandment will eventually cause trouble for the person who broke the commandment. Yes, you can get away with breaking a commandment, but only for a time. Eventually, trouble finds it way to the person who broke the commandment, always. So, God gave us the commandments to help us stay out of trouble. This is just part of the reason why. There is much more.

ok, what about keeping the sabbath day? Should we all quit working on one day of the week? Explain how honouring an abusive parent will keep someone out of trouble? Not lying, stealing, killing, or cheating on your spouse, I can get behind those. However, when you get into not coveting, you lose me again. "Coveting" or envy is an emotion. We can choose not to act on our emotions, but we cannot choose not to experience them. Commanding people not to covet is tantamount to thought control.

Also, where do christians get the idea that only these 10 commandments apply? There are a total of 614 commandments in the old testament, but the other 603 are always swept under the rug. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

You want to not understand it, and you want to oppose it, and therefore you are.

Of course, because that is always the response. I just don't understand, or worse, I am being willfully ignorant because I just don't want to understand. The problem with that is this - I do understand. I understand completely. I was raised in this and believed all of it up until a few years ago when I realized there weren't any answers to some of the questions I had. When I started asking myself all of those questions, when I began to search for real truth, that was when I discovered there was one thing the bible did get right - the truth WILL set you free.

They were written to control. Also, there are more than 10. They are just the cherry picked ones the church uses to get money.

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