I Feel We All Should Do This

Okay so I come back on here after having been off for a few months. What do I find? Surprise surprise! Theists trying to run the board! There is no shame in my game, so I will confess upfront, that yes, I flagged all of these:

This is spam/drama and is also off topic. This experience is for atheists. Please take these reports seriously, because these posts are all over the board and it is disrespectful to the experience/group, and the people who truly are atheists. This is for ATHEISTS to talk about their experiences. That is the whole point of this site. Thank you!

This was my report for each with few minor changes per report.

There will never be any mutual respect until people learn to live and let live. Even in Luke it says that if people don't want your message, then shake the dust from your feet - yet you wonder why you are a bad taste in people's mouths. Oh the irony!

What makes you think any atheist wants your message here? The experience group specifically says "I am an atheist." I guess some people fail to grasp the whole concept of this site.

If you go to the 'about us' link at the bottom of the page, you will see:
- Experience Project: A Founder's Story
Armen Berjikly, a Stanford graduate, started experience project after first creating a support community for multiple sclerosis patients. How did he start down this path, you ask? Inspired by a friend's diagnosis with the debilitating illness, Armen built a positive community chartered on empowering patients through knowledge. Along the way, the forum portion of the site became the most powerful tool of all. It gave voice to a group of people known to suffer in silence, and the opportunity to be among new friends, those who truly UNDERSTOOD each other's challenges.
Soon Armen realized that...
Everyone has experiences to share. People are not defined by a single experience, but are a product of all of their experiences. The more experiences we share with one another, the deeper the understanding between us. Everyone faces situations where talking with people who "JUST GET IT" can be incredibly powerful.
After 3 years of painstaking research and development, Armen released experience project - the first social network based upon who you are and not who you know. Now a community that unites millions of people THROUGH THEIR ***SHARED*** EXPERIENCES. (End)

Look at the name of this experience and ask yourself, "Do I share this experience? Am I an atheist?" If the answer is no, then you have no business being here, and it is you and others like you who are ruining the site. There are hundreds if not thousands of experiences for you to browse through and decide if they apply to you, and this isn't one of them.

So to the atheists of this experience/group: I encourage you to do what I have done. This isn't about censorship, but about respect. Debates I am fine with, but not every place is made for debates.. especially between people who do and don't share this experience. Atheists debating other atheists? Fine. That is totally called for, and should always remain open in order to prevent the very dogmatism we discourage.

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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I feel your frustation with this perdicament. Fortunately it does gives us a voice on their beliefs freely without being considered trolls... As a self proclaimed "militant" atheist I pledge to comment freely on these non-atheist experiences.

I am an atheist..."militant atheist"

I still get called troll and blocked, even when those A-holes come into out place and start kicking over the furniture. Typical theist faux victimhood. And I don't even call myself militant!

wow I understand what you're saying. If they're not an atheist they should make or go to the group that says,"I am not an atheist"

I'm right with you, lynlyn85. I flag every off-topic post I find on here. I don't go to christian groups and post inflammatory stories, so why do they feel it is appropriate for them to do so here? What is frustrating is that EP doesn't seem to do anything about them.