I have been an Athiest my entire life. Luckily I have never had any sort of religion shoved down my throat! Both of my parents are Athiests which I only descovered years after I started thinking about Atheism. I went to a religious school but again the only time it was brought up was a prayer before lunch which wasn't mandatory. A lot of people seem to think being an Atheist is not believing in God. I feel this is untrue. Being Atheist for me is to not to follow or believe in ANY religion, not to think 'I don't believe in God but I believe in this...' or 'I don't believe in God but I believe in a higher power' I feel that organised religion is what is destroying our planet.
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technically you're not atheist... you're agnostic. atheists belief that there is no god, and agnostics believe there is a god but do not follow a religion. I myself, felling that all other religions are false and hypocritical, created my own religion in order to make something with direct, straightforward guidelines for morals

I don't think I explained properly.. I don't believe in a god, don't believe in any sort of higher power! Never have.. never will!

ok I got you

I don't know I guess it's cuz I read u don't be leave in god but saying that to you was wrong of me and I'm sorry :(

It's okay, I forgive you. Remember that first impressions are very important, so think about what you are going to say to someone before you say it. Just because someone has a different view to you doesn't mean that it's an okay thing to say.

I'm sorry I didn't mean it honest! I'm so sorry please forgive me!

Why did you say it in the first place?

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Well, that isn't very nice... still decides to add me to your circle though?

I wish I could be as lucky. I had Christianity forced on me and I left it all behind last year. My mum still wants me to go to church but I hate it. I can't stand listening to their homophobic, transphobic, misogynist crap. I think organised religion is creating unnecessary conflict and division in this world. We should all love and tolerate one another. After all, there is no greater magic than friendship.

Brohoof from your faithful EP user,

Andrea Sparkle.

I think you would be right in feeling that organized religion is destroying our planet. I mean, I'm not sure if you're from the United States, or even care it, but a previous president from 2000-2008 got us into a lovely little war in Iraq and Afghanistan practically on the basis of a war on "religious extremism." We practically gained nothing out of that, and I think we probably only emboldened the militant Islamists in the Middle East to some degree.

I would love to see a Secular world, modeled off of today's Secular Europe which harbors religion yet ensures it's separation from politics, but I think that's still quite in the future. If anything, more people should start watching MLP Fim and taking it's lessons, seriously. That show teaches more about love, tolerance, and friendship than most holy scriptures in our world.

Hello. This is a problem with labels, I suppose. Atheism means not-theist, or no god. And there are degrees of this. Some say that there is no god, others say they just don't believe in a god - not making a strong claim that there is none (the agnostics. Atheists can be agnostic). That makes the argument different for different people.

Some people believe there is a transcendent aspect to life while not believing in a god. Others are positivists, saying the physical world, or universe, is all there is. So, there is a spectrum of non-belief.

A continuous questioning, or examination of one's position is a good idea, lest one become fixed and monolithic in their mind, as the theists are.

I'm sorry I do apologize, I miss-read your original post. I thought you were expressing that you thought there might be a higher power. I had to re-read it a few times before I understood what you were trying to say. So, yes we agree, and are saying the same thing.

No need to apologize. Glad we're on the same page now

I don't really care that much about labels, but just in the interest of semantics... I think that maybe what you are describing about how you feel toward religion would be called agnosticism. Simply because A-Theism is literally the opposite of Theism.

Many of my very dear friends call themselves agnostic. It is a state of mind that I deeply respect and admire.

I see your point but agnostics tend to believe the 'god' theory is unknown and unknowable. I guess you could say this but as any religion would say 'god is real' I strongly believe god isn't real. I don't believe in any higher power, I believe that science and evolution is behind everything we see today.

You make a good point, palooz. For some people, the issue is not with the existence or nonexistence god, but with religion. I know people who don't argue against a god, but feel that religion perverts the relationship between a god and those wanting to connect with him, her, it, whatever. That any "relationship" with god is forced through the filter of dogmas and doctrines, obscuring the real thing.