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I don't believe in a supreme being, an eternal soul, or a supernatural realm. I feel comfortable saying that--not that anyone ever asks. But I don't feel comfortable coming right out and saying I'm an atheist, unless I'm talking to someone who I think is also "that way". I'm more open about being gay than I am about being an atheist.  Kind of weird, huh. Oh.. and yes I am an American.
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Max, you wrote (below):
"2. You claim God absolutely does not exist"
Where did zilker do that, Max?
if you're going to continually copy-paste your pap, Max (well, the pap you plagiarise), at least try to maintain some sort of relevance to the story you're spamming. After all, people write these stories to share their experiences and feelings with us... they don't write them to provide a pulpit for proselytising trolls.

You should be proud of what you believe in.

Food for thought:

1. Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
2. You claim God absolutely does not exist.
3. You have limited and incomplete knowledge
4. It's possible God exists outside your knowledge.
5. Therefore you can 'believe' God does not exist, but cannot prove it.
6. Therefore your claim can be summarily dismissed for lack of evidence.

Amazing how "goddy" people also think they know everything, like what god intends, who's opinion he respects...etc. People are always saying things like, "pray for my friend, she has cancer." To what end? Because this god has the power to make it all better? If god has this power, why allow the cancer in the first place? Just to **** with people? It's just all crap.

My mom believes in the soul. She was a nurse and she actually watched patients die on the operating table. <br />
<br />
I'm not sure I believe in the soul but I think it sure would be nice if I had a soul that would live on after my body dies.

Why do Christians feel the need to come onto atheist pages and proselytyze? I don't go to Christian communities and preach atheism. It's not like they'd listen to what I had to say anyway. Most atheists I know were religious at one point & then rejected it - why would you think we'd want that back?

my question to therook, what love? If you maintain that sending your child off to die for others is the act of supreme love, then every soldier is a christ and every grieving widow and parent a god. You ask for faith, why? Science does not ask for faith, your parents and spouces love do not ask for faith, why must our dealing with what you maintain is the greatest being in the universe be based on faith?<br />
I suppose rook, like so many others like you, the idea that you are alone except for the 4 billion other humans and the hundreds of billions of other life forms that share the earth is just to much for you to handle, and its sad. You waste your life talking to the sky while your neighbor waits for your friendship, you spend your life on your knees while millions of years of evolution begs you to stand tall.<br />
Remember the words of Epicurus "There is nothing to fear from gods, <br />
There is nothing to feel in death, <br />
Good can be attained, <br />
Evil can be endured"

oh shut the hell up therook! <br />
<br />
i am very open about being an atheist. i am also very open about how stupid i feel people who believe in god are. i have no use for them, so i don't care if i offend them. how could i have a logical conversation with them or take anything they say seriously? i hate living in a country populated with morons of this type. i'm moving somewhere less delusional as soon as possible.

good for you if you feel that way about GOD. but im afraid he doesnt believe that way about you.zilker, HE LOVES YOU,AND HE BELIEVES IN YOU! he came 2 earth for you and died for you. its not about religion or church or any of the man made stuff, its just faith and relationship.he values your honesty and your opinion, he cares about you greatly and is always with you and the best of all is- we dont have to do anything in return for this.his love 4 us is unconditional love, so good for you bro.GOD BLESS YA, good for you that u r a yank 2.

perhaps some of the events that took place in the bible would have put down in other cultures religions if it were real but none of it happened except for the crazy tyrants who killed thousands of people over religion so if there is a god he is not to be worshiped he is to be hated for his ignorance so don't preach to athiest for you will not win when science and history can prove you wrong.