This Comment Was Too Long, I’ll Make It a Story.

9-11ish was the age I first questiond all the god-talk,

I Asked my Mum is Jesus might return as a dolphin when I was younger and am very surprised I didn't click at that time, she had looked at me with a funny smile and said she really didn’t know (Agnostic herself).

At 13 I still called myself a Christian because I went to an Anglican school and had been baptised and the whole she-bang...then one night I said I was a Christian and my then religious friend said

"What makes you a Christian?"

What could I say to that? Nothing, so I told him with a smile that he had made me admit my non-believing status, and went on a spiritual search that took me through astral travel, Wicca, lucid dreams, and much more (considered religions that would excuse me from compulsory chapel mostly), I remember at one point doing good deed for karma’s sake and other wacky adventures…

More recently I feel nauseous about the religious mind frame that seems sane and normal in some people and irrationally ignorant in others. Will religious people ever say the words “My god is just as unlikely to exist as anything else that doesn’t exist”? No, because they have the luxury of making up whatever convenient fact they want to explain god’s motivations.(He doesn’t interfere because there are rules, he lets people disbelieve because he gives us free will, he lets people die for a reason, the pain in ,y life is a part of his plan)

Religious tolerance is good, just like political tolerance…but I still believe that atheists should question the devout, at least for our own personal knowledge but also to have them consider the things they’re basing their existence on, believing in an all-powerful imaginary friend grants yourself a lot of authority to do whatever you want all the while your friend cheers you on (imaginarily).

I live life by the idea that everybody should constantly test what they know, explore accepted facts and theories for alternatives that could just as likely be the case…when I hear about that ,museum in the states, or when the Destiny church of New Zealand (Much akin to Nazi’s only the leader takes money from his mainly pacific island followers) rallies around parliament to have New Zealand labelled a Christian country…that really makes me want to spread the joy of atheism and save those people from wasting their lives and dragging the rest of us (not to mention another generation) down with them.

End of sermon.

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i love you :D

Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Danton, Lenin, Than Shwe, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ceausescu, Honecker, Castro, Pol Pot, Milosevic, Bonaparte and Mussolini sadistic, mass murdering atheists?

Plenty of atrocities were committed by the religious as well. 1 million or more Albigensians can't be wrong! The fact is that humans are extremely aggressive, dangerous creatures who would as soon bite you as look at you. Since we are at the top of the food chain, our only true predator is each other and we prey on each other on a regular basis. So what's your point?

Not to be facetious or anything, however, if you're taking your cues on what normal behavior is from the realm of irrational beasts why don't you chop the heads off your partners after sex like the irrational Praying Mantis? Or how about committing dominance rape or having sex with young children as practiced by irrational primates? How about eating your own feces the way irrational pigs, dogs, cows and primates like to? Should it be legal for you to kill and eat babies because irrational beasts do?

You think that people don't commit dominance rape or have sex with young children? you're very naive. Here's the bottom line on people: If you can imagine it, someone, somewhere, is doing it.

Question is, do you?

are you going to assume he does, just because he accepts the fact that humans are a vicious species and doesnt believe theres a man in the sky controlling us?

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Agreed, tolerance is key. There are too many bad Christians and lots of good atheists. Most those that I know who are non believers actually know more about Christianity than Christians that practice. You are spot on, always question your own motives for things :D

seems i was lucky enough to figure it out when i was ten i had no help besides the help of science.

So far as my actions and living is concerned, there is no God, certainly none I see any sign of. I don't beleive, and you're noty going to change that, sorry.

Yes but you believe in god right? I mean either there is a god or you are gos wither way there is a god - <br />
<br />
check it out<br />
<br /> give me your opinion - am i crazy?

Interesting perspective. I suppose Hercules might have existed in reality rather the myth... its not surprising at all that we find no solid account of his existence, he lived so long ago for only a brief period before whatever happened to him.<br />
<br />
Most recent favorite version of Jesus is the re imagining of him as a horse thief, which the bible supports. Perhaps thats what the crucification was all about.

I'm Christian and read it. But I don't hold with the Nicene Creed, so maybe there were fewer surprises for me there than for other Christian sectarians. Some of the things that did surprise me only reinforced what I already believed, but I can't say I'm as surprised as Bushby seems to be that we can't find ancient texts that describe Christ. What's amazing is that we find anything at all. He lived just over three decades, was no one of any real political power or importance, had no financial influence, and spent his entire life in a very small area. He had a small number of followers who were considered radicals, abberrations, crazy men. Should we really expect to find a whole library of ancient texts, still readable and clear and complete, and written by someone we know to be authoritative? I'm amazed, as I said, that we find mention of him anywhere.

Okay, we'll set up tesla coils for the lightning effect, and put it on a tank so we can move within our lightning chamber.<br />
Or are you already planning for me to be the devil, because you're already calling yourself (As opposed to 'us') god?<br />
That Burning Tire pit is mine

Oh Oh! AAAAAAAnd we'll make our own hell on earth, like maze made of tires and set on fire. We won't even explain why they end up in the maze, we'll just sneak up behind them with chlorophyll and drag them to the entrance pit and chuck them in.<br />
You'll be in burning heaven!<br />
And they will have about twenty minutes of Smokey haze in which to try and redeem themselves...through the redemption dance, a significant portion of which involves ice (Oh how we'll laugh at the irony of doing the redemption dance with ice while in the Tire-Hell-Pit

Okay, we can decree certain foods illegal in our eyes. But we'll have to complicate the whole issue by changing the food list every day, like one day we could have all orange foods as blasphemous, and the next all green foods... perhaps we should keep the list secret so that our followers will argue over their personal interpretation of the list.<br />
"I believe the colours are from this paint chart'<br />
'"No, I believe they are the colours of the third wheel of Smenotherhuman,'<br />
"No! I believe they are the changing colours of the eastern Salamanders evolutionary trends..."<br />
Eventually they would have to fight, because the colour rule would be so vague as to be impossible to interpret.

Why stop at three? Let's make a fourinty! or a fiveality!<br />
And instead of just sending them over, we'll turn those murderer/sexual predators into a secret army...secret because as soon as they enter Iran they will be invisible! Something about the earth’s magnetic field does that in Iran, it’s the same force that renders homosexuals invisible there as well.

It's not conceited at all, if only more people subscribed to a similar philosophy and trusted themselves to be good people. <br />
Years ago (at school) I tried to set up a religion based around me, even though many warned me against it… by ‘tried’ I mean that I set up a power-point presentation about the benefits of praising me… needless to say it did not float. <br />
In hindsight I should have worked at it harder, the barriers for new competitor religions are few, all I’d have had to do is tie it in with one or a few of the accepted faiths and shy away from cultish behavior. <br />
<br />
All praise the SME<br />
<br />
<br />
Blasphemy CAN be fun.

"and most of the athiests i have met are as self-absorbed and dillusional most of the christians."<br />
<br />
Nooooooooooo!!!<br />
All hope for humanity is lost<br />
<br />
ZenmasterBeta: Spot on, no Christian prays to Zeus, or Allah

Verrrrrry Interesting. Worth a read for all. Seems Zeus might just be the one and only. Better to be safe then sorry right? I'll get my plastic lighting bolt alter ready.<br />
But of course, Christians would no more read that then they would change Jesus image into a more accurate dark-skinned version.

:) I can be sure about almost anything for long enough to argue in favour of it...flaw or not? I think not. Not really doubt...perhaps flexibility of belief is a better way to word it. I am full of flexibility. The negative aspect of this is that I’m sometimes too eager to offer an alternate version of truth with almost equal or higher likelihood; even if I argue a completely different angle the next minute. Some people don’t know how to take me; I take me as I am…always different. <br />
Maybe that’s my innate aversion to the religious mind-set…the inflexibility of it. <br />
***Runs off to read the Nexus report.***

Ah, I need a pause for thought on that one. I'm full of doubt, but maintain peace...why? I don't know...Pausing for thought.<br />
-Could it be that the idea of the afterlife is so appealing, it’s a hard one to dismiss...despite the lack of evidence? I’m not saying I dismiss it either.<br />
There may be a quantum element to our lives which is a kind of 'soul', purely speculation, but the universe I live in lets me suspend my belief for almost anything. That’s why sometimes I refer to a real god, because I am imagining god just as they do and the actions they ascribe to him are often illogical for the character they paint. <br />
I don’t know, but existence is good, I’m open to anything…

Here is my personal definition of Atheist “I won’t believe anything as unlikely as my invisible dinosaur”…I think that sums it up nicely. An agnostic is just hedging bets, there’s no real difference, an agnostic might believe my dinosaur if I presented the evidence; of course I have none… that’s sorta the point.

I believe in a God with an explanation. I don't know what you're implying by that comment...That I have proof in the bibles around me? Or that I am displaying an extremely stubborn attitude towards religion.<br />
I think it has to be noted that Christians are atheists to many beliefs; all beliefs are atheistic to opposing beliefs. I doubt many Christians would embrace the second coming of Zeus if he popped up suddenly.<br />
God is just a word, one mans ‘God’ might be another mans ‘alien intelligence’. It’s impossible to determine what level of proof would be needed to prove the existence of God, the word ‘proof’ demands belief. The evidence would speak for itself.<br />
But the easiest questions of all; why should we need it to be proven? Shouldn’t it be obvious? <br />
You know what my answer is.