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I love the idea of believing in a MAN (of COURSE it's a man...because men SAY so!) in the sky that knows all, sees all, hears all, and is a part of all things. That he decides every minute detail of every speck of dust and human tragedy in the world. That when someone gets terminal cancer, but first has to live through at LEAST 3-6 months of mind-bending pain and agony, loss of bowel control, and watching loved ones suffer as they waste away to nothing all before dying, that it's God's WILL. Well, what a ******. What a ******* ******. That *******'s price to get into "Heaven" is WAY too high. He can keep it. What has he ever done for me, anyhow? And I challenge you to answer that with proof. What has God ever done for me that can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? Nothing. Why? Because he's an ******* and doesn't exist (Which means he's NOT an *******, because if you don't exist, you are nothing. Thus, you can't be an *******). Besides. If he DID exist, he would apparently only care about people living in the United States. Does anybody in this stupid country have any CLUE the atrocities that take place EVERY DAY in other parts of the world? Where's your God THEN? Oh, yeah....he's busy helping out with a "miracle" somewhere else(ie. baby being born....that's ALWAYS a miracle, because THAT only happens at a rate of 3-4 babies per second.). Shoot me.....wait, don't.
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What about your burden of proof?

1. Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
2. You claim God absolutely does not exist.
3. You have limited and incomplete knowledge
4. It's possible God exists outside your knowledge.
5. Therefore you can 'believe' God does not exist, but cannot prove it.
6. Therefore your claim can be summarily dismissed for lack of evidence.

1. Would you like a photograph of the wind, radio waves, atoms or x-rays too?

2. No, it's not. At best, the most you can claim is that God POSSIBLY does not exist. No one can factually claim God does not nor cannot exist. Try again.

6. You make the outrageous claim that "the fossil and historic evidence of the past 100 million years directly contradicts the biblical story of genesis" but offer no evidence of this. Do you have any?

If what you claim is true how, then, do you explain the many fulfilled Bible prophecies? http://bit.ly/1Hrjzck

Lolz<br />
<br />
This post brings 2 things to mind to me:<br />
<br />
1. "With God on our Side" by Bob Dylan<br />
<br />
2. A conversation I had with someone on a message board several years ago.<br />
<br />
There was a young man trying to convince me of the existence of god. In the course of his 'proof' that there was a god, he told me the story of what had happened to him the previous weekend.<br />
<br />
It seems that he had attended a pro football game -- his team won and he wanted desperately to buy a hat with his team's logo on it. He prayed hard that there would be some hats left at the vendor stand after the game, but unfortunately, they were all sold out, and he had to leave disappointed.<br />
<br />
But lo, and behold, on his drive back home he spotted the exact hat he wanted, in perfect condition, sitting on the side of the highway. He stopped, put the hat on his head and gave a thank you prayer. He had experienced a personal miracle! How could I possibly explain that away?<br />
<br />
Well, my response was kind of mean, but he deserved it.<br />
<br />
It happened to be the case that there was a massacre of children in a school by rebel soldiers in another country that took place at almost exactly the same time as this guy's story. So, instead of rebuking him about how silly his 'proof' was, I gave him a link to the story about the massacre and asked him why he had distracted god with his silly team hat when the children needed god's help at that time?

Well, God as a concept is something that I no longer need. I've outgrown it because it's artificial. In one of my atheist stories I compare God to Superman or Batman. They're both fictional and people worship them. Hell, I worship Batman but I don't think he's real. Or Superman.

Ditto mate, why is there no proof? Because he is imaginary. For every claim of a wondrous miracle there is a hungry homeless person in withering agony and no hope of a productive future.