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I was an atheist for decades and to my way of thinking the only downside to it was that there was no one to thank when I was having an org*sm.

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How about your partner?

Indeed. Good manners would dictate that.

Yeah, you know, math. Like - 1 plus 1 equals one really big one.


No, I haven't. Sounds funny.

Gone all Australopithecus on you, has it?

I think Darwin day is today cos my google's gone all funny.

Darwin at all costs.

That's it. I'm out of evolution humor.

In America - the most obese nation on earth - we believe in survival of the fattest.

When choosing days, Darwin Day is the natural selection.

El, that was MY gift shop. I own it!

When IS Darwin Day, anyway? I need to know when to start shopping.

Hell is right here on earth - daddy-o - I should know - I've been to the gift shop 3X. Have a good one.

Good one El. I also received some crap from 'tolerant' Xtians who don't like me peddling my iconoclastic views. I love it when they threaten me an eternity in hell blah blah. I attended Christian Brothers school for 14 years ...hell is a piece of ****. Happy darwin day

El, just scream your own name. And in those luckier times when you're not alone, scream hers!

There's a lot to be said for acceptance, gratitude, and humility - which is another way of saying thankfulness.<br />
<br />
By contrast, there is simply nothing to be said for LincolnLog. Mercifully, he's gone now, spreading his unique pastiche of stupidity elsewhere.

I heard of a Zen master who, having no god to thank, thanked his tea cup for holding his tea. There's a lot to be said for the psychological benefits of thankfulness, regardless of where it's directed.<br />
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And I still support Steven Colbert's suggestion of "OH, DARWIN!"

GREAT IDEA Phaellus. As an alligator, I prefer basking in the sun and hanging out, I'm very mellow. But every now and then I enjoy a little evisceration - just to keep the teeth sharp. Please send the list in a PM, and the pain can begin immediately.

El -- I think it's about time you arm yourself and start imposing more of your opinions on people. I'll give you a list of people who need new opinions.

The difference is that I never present my opinions as anything other than my opinions. -- Is that distinction too difficult for you to understand? Which half of the horse am I talking to?

I read your profile and wish you every success. God's miracles appear in a myriad of mysterious ways, that much is certain.<br />
<br />
I am not Christ-like, this is true. Indeed, I do not even believe in the existence of an historical Christ - much less a divine one. The stories in the bible are fairy tales designed to help frightened children go to sleep - and pick their pockets once they have.<br />
<br />
Your religious beliefs may comfort you, I applaud this. But do not ever, ever be so presemptuous as to inflict them on me or others. No one knows God's will - those who claim they do cannot be trusted.

Well that didn't come from a Christ like person. I will just follow your story to watch it change. As there IS great power in prayer.<br />
Did not mean to upset you in any fashion.<br />
Have a wonderful day and Gof bless you.<br />

this comment is for lincolnlog<br />
<br />
in your other statement you said<br />
<br />
'Ellargato for being a hippie reject, you are not very tolerant of other view points.' <br />
<br />
i didnt exactly see any tolerance from you either. more like an essay about how wrong el is.

our Father God answers prayers,. He does indeed save the lost. And you will not be lost forever.

Hmmm. The idea of getting theology from a robot certainly is something to think about - something horrible.

Hi it is me again, what if lincolnlog is right and you are wrong? you will be the losers. Somrthin to think about!!

As my s.o. says ... I'm not drinkin' the Kool-Aid in on 'that' one ... hehe

Alexandra, take great honor in those 'pains' of yours. The Bible states clearly, "He afflicts those He loves most." Therefore, in a nutshell, an affliction is a blessing ... =D<br />
<br />
El, I am completely with you on the whole 'image' that's being sold ... nope nope and NOPE! According to the xtian church/religion, upon death we will all float up into the clouds to meet a bearded dude in a white robe ... doesn't this seem a bit juvenile at best?

Nice to hear Rodney King quoted.

Come on guys cant we all just get along.

I DO know that Alexandra31 and I love you for it.

I would pay American money to see that!

I am delighted to learn the experiment is concluded. One more experiement is brutish studity is not required, the government has that covered.

Dear Robot: You are taking up space that might better be used by people who are actually trying to communicate with one another. I think you'd be much happier if you were scanning the magnetic strips of credit cards somewhere.

Anti-war makes a big difference. And nations - too - seem to be a big part of the problem - you don't see national borders from space - just a tiny, fragile blue marble adrift in a vast, inhospitable sea. Glad you're enjoying the music - you might also explore Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Take care, Bro'

I am anti-war...if that makes a difference... :) I also think that people should get together as one world rather then nations...but that looks unlikely to happen. Anyway, that’s off topic. I'm listening to your recommendation now, motherless child is nice, freedom road the same. Nice soulful stuff.

May I recommend The Original Five Blind Boys From Alabama - it doesn't matter what you believe, that's earth-shaking music. (Sorry about the tongue-lashing I gave on your "animal piece" Bro, I was shocked by your blithely "humans-first and damn the torpedoes" philosophy - caught me off guard.

Old choir boy here as well although it was only ten years ago... I've found some wicked hymns, and listen to a few abstractly religious themed songs...like 'god only knows' by beach boys, or more recently the soulful sound of soulsavers (lots of religious references from agnostic outlook). I would never sing my schools anthem again for fear I might vomit. ‘St Patrick’s breastplate’ … at the same time, I hated many of the songs because of their sappiness, I only sung because I have no qualms with singing any other song outside of religion with equal mistruths, so if I was not to sing a religious song, I would not sing any other. <br />
I did not say the prayers though, they are far more personal.

Interesting you mention hymns. I sang in a boys choir and vividly remember the haunting beauty of that music. From then on, music has held a strong spiritual grip on me. I have no quarrel with a higher power, there's something out there bigger than me - I'm certain of that. But the version of God presented by organized religion smacks of used car salesmen, white belts and white shoes. I think it's worse than nonsense, I think it's poisonous.