Just as I was writing a comment I remembered something that happened to me when I was 17... so over 10 years ago... I was an exchange student in USA and I had gone to church with the hostfamily everytime, since I said I don't mind (stupid me...) I've never been believer at least of christian faith I've been more drawn to buddhism and I pretty much believe in karma.

Anyways, my host family was very close to the preachers family and they invited me to come for an overnight visit near the end of my stay. What happened was that she wanted to tell me about Jesus and God and what'll happen to those who believe. So there she was telling me for a quite awhile about all this and in the end she asked "Would you like us now to pray to get Jesus to come to your heart?" I had to say "no" and she started crying... couldn't stop... I felt like such a *****, but hey it's my life and couldn't believe how much my choosing not to have Jesus in my life hurt her...  Well there was that

There's also these street preacher sorts in Finland... Well they want to give you a lot of pamphlets about god and jesus etc... Once I told them I'm buddhist (at the time I was really into it) and this person said "He's satan". That got me seriously pissed off and  awhile after I went to 'divorce' the church (In Finland 90% people are Lutheran and that basically comes automatically at birth...) After I got out of it, Jehovas witnesses started to come by my house.... I never answered the door, I had had enough of them when I was a kid. But they too shoved their pamphlets to our mailbox, I felt like throwing them back at them, but never did. Also when I moved in with my boyfriend only a few days passed and there they were again... Jehovas witnesses at my door... In a country where there's freedom of religion... But yet these god-people are allowed to try and come to your home even if you've said no thanks a lot of times >.<

I don't mind what anyone believes in, just leave me and those at peace who choose to think differently!!!
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I agree with salmos, religious freedom should not mean the context of "as long as you follow my religion".

Terrorita, I want to apologize for Christians, I can't speak for the rest of them, who have forced their religion on you. Sorry for the experiences that you've had with us as well. And, I also apologize for the church being a bunch of hypocrites for the most part.

To LincolnLog.. your comment is completely noxious. It's just not nice to invent fantasy and tell hurtful lies as you've done in your comments. The girl from Finland had a bad experience with religious zealots and came through it in good shape. You should learn from that.

wisely said :) thank you!

Here's your best defense, Terrorita...<br />
<br />
And Jesus commanded His Apostles to know when to dust off their shoes.<br />
<br />
Many xtians believe this has to do with not being invited into one's home, HOWEVER, it means to allow people to live in peace, as they wish and no when to quit pursuing them...<br />
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I'm a believer but I can't and won't deal with the church nor religion ...

my life is plain perfect without any deities!!! ARGH! I HATE BRAINWASHING and people forcing their beliefs to me! Just gets me angry...

Sorry, that was directed at the chatterbot robot, lincolnlog.

You were not meant to be!

Argh, omg, blah... why feel sorry for me? what you say is gonna happen, is not gonna happen, 'coz it's a load of crap! Not meaning to offend you, but I feel offended by your comment!!!

i respect your opinions but know that one day very soon, sooner than you think god is coming back like a theift in the night and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess for he is lord.. poor thing i honestly feel sorry for you, i will pray for you