Became One At 40

I can't talk to anyone about this.
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I'm glad you have been able to talk a bit on here. I have certainly enjoyed the comments here. Thanks to all you folks. You are a comfort.

Isn't it funny how most atheist threads have one christian who comes on, somehow thinking s/he can hold out and convert a swarm of unbelievers and s/he ends up getting chased away. They are walking into bear dens. I don't understand why. Do any of us go onto their sites and yell at them about how Adam and Eve couldn't work because of interbreeding? Or how the whole world couldn't flood because there's a limited amount of water? If anyone is doing that, please stop. We just want to talk.

Funny I thought they walked into a Lion's den. I am a Christian, but I won't try to convert.

To the original poster, I'm sorry to hear you don't feel you can talk to anybody in your life about that. I've always been an atheist and probably always will be but everybody knows that about me.

Tome, 15 days ago you said you'd go away...the thread died...and it seems a little bit of you died with you come back making some vague post about a supposed enemy being defeated. You are a troll, an attention starved troll. This isn't about your belief in a god, this is about you needing to feel validated. You don't need to go away mad...but please, go away.

how was the 'enemy' defeated

When the enemy has been defeated one place, he'll seek out another. Nov. 10th.

I am very open as to my beliefs. I do not believe in any religion nor do I believe in god. There is always going to be some sort of ridicule for your beliefs no matter what it is, and it should be expected, but it is also easier to meet others whose beliefs fall along the same lines. I had some problems with some of my family and people I hung around with before, but most of them got over it. <br />
<br />
I had a really interesting conversation with a Christian who had come to my door a few months back. It's rare those door-to-door types will even listen to opposing viewpoints.

not at all, they were very nice people. i just didnt want to waste their time anymore than i wanted my own time wasted. its actually the second time mormons have come to my door. i'm usually polite and listen but i just dont believe in anything they are trying to teach me. so this time i decided to just be honest and be as polite as possible. i actually have never had a religious fanatic, who wasnt a family member or someone on the internet, tell me i was wrong or go on a godly rant.

i thought this would be appropriate to share with you prometheus. today was the first time i told a door to door mormon that i was an athiest. all my family knows, but thats about it. and i dont boast it publicly to every christian i meet. but for once i was straight forward with someone face to face. it felt good. i didnt waste their time and they didnt waste my time.

I appreciate the input many of you have given regarding the inability to share. It has also confirmed my suspicion that I should remain closeted because of the hurt it would cause to others as well as myself. You can't always get what you want. Despite not being able to share facets of my life in meat-space I do cherish the encounters I have in cyber-space.

freezio, i know how you feel. besides my husband, the only other athiests i know are on the internet. everyone in my family says i'm going to hell. i simply tell them no more than you are going to heaven. that usually ends the discussion.

antiyou, what a great comment! :)

Normally I would try harder not to be childish, but I can't resist rating Tome as a Number Two.<br />
<br />
Prometheus, I appreciate your dilemma. Being out as an atheist, though in line with my contrarian nature, has caused problems for me professionally. I wouldn't presume to advise you on such a delicate mater, but I'll just say that I enjoy being out. Even if almost everyone I know thinks I'm going to hell.

i'm curious, which 17 would that be tome

Whatever you say. TheWolf....But if I did, I would rate about 17 of the comments a #1. I never had anything to hide here. But I have chosen to unsubscribe from here and that will make you all happy.<br />
Be safe and God Bless.

What I think is cute is even though Tome is no longer posting I know she is reading because she is rating any post that goes against her thinking as a 1.

I bet that tome is the kind of schmuck that believes that Jews killed the historic Jesus. According to research done by the Anti-Defamation League, a full 30% of Americans believe this. I laugh at these fools...Jesus *was* a Jew! He was a radical, left-wing hippie that felt perfectly comfortable spending time with ****** and lunatics. He was the original Reformed Jew. But of course, tome would have no idea what Reformed means, nor what the Anti-Defamation League is, because tome is neither well-educated nor intellectually curious. Oh, and if tome wants to pray for something, I would suggest praying for a few good books on grammar and usage. Let's take a look at the following sentence:<br />
"Well then, if your going to believe in something, why not believe in something that is good?"<br />
<br />
your/you're/you are<br />
<br />
No, these are not interchangeable--look into it.<br />
<br />
Have an awesome day!!!

If you read in understanding......good-bye.

Tome said: rapture is real, and prayfully you will have changed your beliefs and not be left behind<br />
<br />
If the people who are taken are like you I prayfully hope I am left behind.<br />
<br /> case of rapture can I have you car?<br />
<br />
I do wonder though...why does someone who has a goal of unemployment spend so much time preaching to smart, successful people who understand the impossibility of the existence of any god. I've looked at everything you've done on EP and all you have done is chastise people and place judgement on them, either for their beliefs, how they handle their children, how other people have handled being unemployed, and for making wishes. Yet you talk about how much you admire someone whose career has capped with being on Dancing With The Stars. <br />
<br />
If you want to continue to preach the bible I think you should take some time and actually read the whole book. I think you will find you do not have the jurisdiction to place judgment on people as the story you refer to as "the word" says that's God's domain. So I ask, nay, I pray you leave us alone, stop praying and start actually attempting to care for your children rather than saying it is in God's hands.<br />
<br />

So now I'm ignorant...<br />
God made no one this way.<br />
I was just reviewing past notes. I was told numerous times that I needed to take my befiefs someplace else and or to just go away. So this is what I shall do. I do see that it is not where I want to be either. Discussion has turned into debate. I won't debate the truth. It is what it is. Faith is just that. And I shall remember you all in a positive way. I have learned so much from the thoughts of others when it comes to indivisual beliefs. I<br />
would like to thank you all. It has only strengthed my beliefs. So, please take care and I'm not sorry for entering this I've said; I have learned so much...thanks to you all who shared your views. But I will continue to believe that God is the creator of it all.<br />
For this I will never be sorry.<br />
So long. Enjoy your right to express yourself.

This is not worth commenting on. <br />
Have a good day.

anotherhuman said: "I just want people to give my views a chance. Just believe me when I say I don't believe. It's not because I'm mad at god or that the devil has a hold on me, I just simply don't buy it. :)"<br />
<br />
I agree. My biggest issue is much further down the list from my views being given a chance. I just don't want to be ostracized AND I know I would be. Apparently I can't even discuss it here semi-anonymously without being hounded by the faithful as though I was somehow broken.

I certainly will, marji. On satans head.

how sad

No comment. Just Prayer.

tome said 'the enemy working thru you'<br />
<br />
that is just a horrible thing to say. someones belief system differs from yours so they now have an 'enemy within them' thats just wrong on so many levels. you should be ashamed for saying that

Tome: You know. I really had no intention of discussing theism here or your belief that I am a conduit for evil. I was lamenting my lack of face time with people of similar persuasion. Since outing myself would put me in harms way from those who currently love and respect me I am left in this no-mans land. Imagine that, being hated by those who profess the love of God for acknowledging the truth of this universe.<br />
<br />
Since I'm a danger to you why don't you leave us to our own discussions?

God bless your heart! You just don't understand that the fear of dying does not bother me. I will live in the house of the Lord I have no fear of death.<br />
and the enemy working thru you is not going to make me confess otherwise. so with that, God Bless.

Tome said: "Your are an a victim of the enemy and God wants to use this disability if you would let Him."<br />
<br />
It appears that god works in any way that coincides with nature. Some people are able to fight off cancer, either through their own body or through treatments. Amputees on the other hand, are not able to grow back limbs. In both cases you claim that this is Gods hand but from every indication I can get the results play out the same without a God to intercede.<br />
<br />
Saying you are not afraid of death is being in a state of denial. Everyone is afraid of death. You're just pretending it isn't going to happen to you.<br />
<br />
Repeat after me: "**** Happens".

sorry to but in, but tome, you said<br />
<br />
'I just wanted to say that I realize this is bothering you. You want proof. Well, I live seeing proof everyday.'<br />
<br />
what is the proof that you see everyday. i see good things everyday too. a young man helping an elderly lady with her luggage as she steps of the bus, or even the doctor who saved my own daughters life when she was stricken with e coli spinal menengitis at only 2 weeks old. what i see is not gods work but mans work. god wasnt instilled in that young man who helped that elderly lady. its was just the mans willingness to help. something he more than likely learnt from his parents. and it was no miracle that my daughter survived a spinal infection with no brain damage. it was my good parenting that brought her to the hospital at only 2 weeks old, before the infection could spread rapidly to her brain. and it was the good doctor for having the medical knowledge of knowing what antibiotic cocktail would save her life. 100 yrs ago my daughter would have surely died, and everyone would have just accepted it as gods plan, but in actuallity her death would have been contributed to lack of medicine and medical knowledge. heck, lets go even further back in time, my daughter may have even been considered an evil seed of satan because of her condition. and that too would have had nothing to do with god but merely just ignorant believers in him. <br />
<br />
i do not mean to offend you tome, but science is not the reason why i do not believe in god, for i dont understand science that well either. i'm just not going to thank some higher being for all the good that happens to me and to others. i think it makes much more sense to contribute that appreciation to the people that actually do exist. for instance, thank the surgeon when a surgery goes well. thank your genetics, when your baby has no birth defects, and above all thank others when they do good things. we do not need god to be good we just need a good sense of self worth to be good people.

If god is this great being we should all love, why does he condemn others for having different beliefs? As I have found all religions are the same story with small differences.

Sorry it's me again. I just wanted to say that I realize this is bothering you. You want proof. Well, I live seeing proof everyday. I'm not a bad person. And I don't want to get into a debate with you. But I can say this...your parents did not create you, nor the universe or any other scientic beliefs. God your creator did, and I'd hope oneday you would come to see this. It is however not the time for you. And I completly respect this. So therefore we don't even have to have anymore discussions concerning this,,,it has become a debate... and the Lord say's: Mention me to the non believers, teach the gospel and that I am the way, the truth, and the light. Then go on your way and pray for them. So that's what I will do.<br />
<br />
May you find what it is you need in your life, truly!!!

Why want God heal amputees: Your are an a victim of the enemy and God wants to use this disability if you would let Him. You said the basic reason people believe is fear of death, socially ostracized and guilt. I don't feel that at all. Nor do my faithful brothers and sisters. You also mentioned survival instints. Well yes of course we have those, because we were created to live forever. So I have no fear and such other things, I will live forever in the Kingdom of my Maker, praise God! You stated that I needed to be prepaired for the pain of abandoning my preconceived ideas. I will never...unlike "those" you mentioned, I don't have to defend my beliefs to a non believer. I simply have to speak the truth,which is God's word and pray for those who don't...without malice nor anger. Note: Rapture is real, and prayfully you will have changed your beliefs and not be left behind. I pray so hard that it doesn't to you.To learn a horrible lesson like this for you to see the breaks my heart. <br />
Have a great day!

Tome,<br />
<br />
Regarding healing: Look up "Why won't God heal amputees?" It's on the web if you're curious. God has a zero percent rate of healing in that area. Why does God hate amputees? He can make cancer go away but not bring a limb back? Give me a break.<br />
<br />
The basic reason people believe is fear. Fear of death, fear of being socially ostracized, a sense of shame or guilt. These feelings are ground in survival instincts and have nothing to do with a God who will make the bad things go away. Hopefully one day you will be able to be honest with yourself and face your fears head on rather than hide in a church. You have taken the first step by talking with those who have made the transition. Be prepared for the pain of abandoning your preconceived ideas.<br />
<br />
Although there is a certain amount of isolation associated with not being able to be "out" with my beliefs I can honestly say that I am happier now than I have ever been plus I have more time to do good rather than worship a non-existent being.<br />
<br />

I will continue to folloew your story. But as I have said;<br />
until you are ready...and stop looking for a reason not to believe....I will Pray for your soul. And when that does happen and i know that it will because I trust God to save the lost....even though you say; not. you will understand. The bible teaches of those who doubt Him just for argument sake.... I simply will not argue. It's out of Christian Love.God Bless You.<br />
Your in my prayers,<br />

tome earlier you stated<br />
<br />
'Start going to God Tube on the web and asking God to direct you to the truth and He will.' first of all, wow, i can not believe that is a real website. ask god to direct me to the truth, is it really that easy...hes on the internet. no, those are just people like who. people with no proof and only a book cling to.<br />
<br />
you also said <br />
<br />
'As I always say to non believers who just simply will not listen. Well then, if your going to believe in something, why not believe in something that is good?'<br />
<br />
exactly, lets just believe in ourselves and others. that would clearly have progress rather than believeing that some diety will always point you in the right direction in life. you use common sense and good judgement and then thank god for that....why.

Tome, <br />
With all due respect...ok I take that back...with as much respect as you've shown the people in this community that you have attempted to convert back to the fallacy that you base your faith on, leave us alone.<br />
It's not that I mind hearing views that are unlike my own, quite the opposite, I just like hearing them from informed people who know that beating the "Jesus, the way the truth and the life" drum isn't going to sway anyone.<br />
You claim that god is fact because it is written in the word of god. Now, what do you mean by you mean the bible? the book written by men who claimed to be blessed by god? I mean seriously...couldn't god have written it himself on giant tablets of stone like he (supposedly) did for the 10 commandments. These men wrote a good (though flawed) creation story, punishment for wrong doings story, redemption story, and threats of a bleak future story if you don't heed the warnings of the other stories...all things people who wanted to come into power and control the masses would want the populace to believe.<br />
I have read the word, and have found it to not be just be a bunch of contradicting fairy tales.<br />
God, at best has a 50% success rate for healing and other forms of miracles. For every proof of his powers there is another circumstance where he didn't pull through. Oddly enough when God doesn't come through it's because he had something else planned for that person, they were needed in the kingdom of heaven, or it wasn't in the divine plan. <br />
So please, if you have actual proof on the existence of god, please bring it forward, not only will you gain my respect, you will be lauded by theists everywhere as a genius because you will have been the first ever to be able to do so. But, using a circular argument like:<br />
god exists because the bible says he does<br />
and the bible is the word of god<br />
so because god says he exists in the book written for<br />
god then god must exist.<br />
makes about as much sense as the zombie christ rising from the dead after three days, and floating toward the skies.<br />
I too am not trying to offend...I just know my purpose in life is to ridicule those who still believe in fictional characters all the way into adulthood.<br />
<br />
Oh, and for the record, I'm not lost so you can stop trying to lead me...

Yes, and fact is that what is written in the Word of God<br />
is true and has come to pass. That is fact. If you read the word, and see the signs you'd know this to be true.<br />
I'm not trying to offend you in any way. I just know that my purpose in life is to bring the lost to Him.<br />
<br />
Have a wonderful day!<br />
<br />
I also have my own proof of healings.

What is *it*. Healing or lack of theism?

You could talk to me about it.

Facts are verifiable. If you are going to believe in something, why not believe in something that is based on fact. I'm not here to get converted (back). <br />
<br />
Question: Do you believe god heals people?

God is not a facet, He is fact! Don't give up your chance to everlasting life. Hell is a real place. Think about it.<br />
Start going to God Tube on the web and asking God to direct you to the truth and He will. As I always say to non believers who just simply will not listen. Well then, if your going to believe in something, why not believe in something that is good?

Well, it should be apparent that I cannot talk about this in meat-space. Yes, I can talk about it here... as long as no one knows who I am. It's sad. Atheism is a facet of my life I cannot share with friends or family. I'm sure it's a common issue.

why'd you post it if you can't talk about it? Obviously you want to talk about....and where's safer then here. No one actually knows's's a computer. Just's ok...promise

You're probably in safe company here? :)