I'm a Baby In This Field A...

i'm a baby in this field and am just now learning about it. i'm still in the fear mode of "what if i'm wrong???"
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Okay let's take your what if I am wrong thinking a stage further. There will be many more disappointed religious people who have dedicated there lives to the wrong religion than there will be surprised atheists on their way to hell if there is a god. Given that there are over 33000 cults who claim to be affiliated with christianity and that is before you even go into any of the other religions. Your chances of picking the right one are for all intent and purposes virtually non existent.

I think god was once helpful in ancient times to impose order. They didn't understand storms, stars, volcanoes or earthquakes. They needed a god to make them feel safe in a chaotic world. Now we have science and people are still sticking to god to explain things that can be explained scientifically. What's with that?

Thanks dedre - since I've vocalized my ob<x>jections, I've started to meet a few good atheists that are revitalizing me! I've spent my lifetime not caring what a person's belief or not is and having fun chatting - I guess I just ran into the wrong crowd. Again - Thanks for putting me straight! :) - And you should see it when I run into those Christians... just as ugly - nothing to feel bad about.

married2bf, I'm not gonna go on a big rant of correcting you or anything. I just wanna say, even as I am an atheist, I do understand where you are coming from.<br />
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There are some atheists (here on EP especially) that to me, seem almost as fanatical about their belief as the most annoying of televangelists or christians on EP. I point it out to them, too. To me, it seems that a lot of atheists act such because there's religious folk who act as such. As stringent as I try to be with my life, beliefs, etc. It is mighty tempting to want to do the "it might be intrusive/rude/harmful/obnoxious/overly-strong, but damnit, they do it to us!! Fair is fair!!"; I KNOW I've fallen for that here and there on occasion.

I stand corrected then and need to return to my previous belief - but the atheists here are so hateful, I assumed I had been wrong. <br />
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If you read the contents of this group - How do you deal qualify all the hate and calling people stupid?

If I may poke my two cents here...<br />
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"What if you are wrong?" someone asks; typically a reason to believe is that if you don't, you get spanked and sent to burn in pain for eternity. (Or the oft-quoted "believe in jesus or else" passage to get into heaven)<br />
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Looking back, I suppose I was always an atheist, even before I really knew what the word meant. Church never interested me, the stories just made more questions for me; the only reasons I'd sometimes go is to look up girl's skirts as a kid >:) Now, one thing I learned in my short stint at church was that I never felt right there, none of it made any sense. I feel that if I were to go to church "Just in case I'm wrong" that would be more sinful to me, as I would essentially be a non-believer who is pretending to believe. <br />
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I cannot imagine a god letting me into heaven, telling me "well, you never really believed in me, but you went to church and did all the motions, so you're in like flint! Good thing you were hedging your chances!"

married2bf, you state "athiests hate religious folk". Well, I am an athiest and I do not hate religious folk. I respect their right to their own beliefs, AS LONG AS those beliefs do not shape public policy and do not have a significant impact on me. Athiests are not prone to hating (or loving) any more than believers.<br />
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By the way, an agnostic is not someone who does not believe in God (that is an athiest), but rather someone who doesn't know whether God exists, and believes that the existence of God can never be proved or disproved.

I'm not going to try to convince you that God is good - but I would ask you whether you want to be an atheist or an agnostic. I've learned that these atheists hate religous folk - do you want to hate? Agnostics just don't believe in God.<br />
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Would you rather take your doubts and enjoy life thinking there is no God, or would you rather run around hating the religous and demanding that everyone stop believing in God?

What if you are wrong?<br />
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God is so awesome once you get to know him. He can do so many great things in your life, if you just ask him to and have patience. Many people think God doesn't care, but God just doesn't force himself upon you. He wants you to come to him. :)<br />
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I agree with the others that 'religion' isn't God. I don't wear skirts often, I wear makeup if I feel like it, and I use sarcasm often. Just because I believe in God doesn't mean I've thrown my life out the window. I've just let God come in and do some great things with it. :)

I would love for you to watch this video of Richard Dawkins' response to that very question. This video really helped me, so perhaps it will help you as well. <br />

Take the time to get to know what you already believe. If you don't have all the answers yet, don't worry... you never will. I just say be careful identifing with a new belief because of doubt. If you doubt something, whether its belief in God or in The God Delusion... take time alone to figure out what makes you doubt and what can explain a new possiblity.<br />
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Above all trust yourself, you won't go wrong : )

The proof of the pdding is in the eating.

What if you are wrong today? Do you know you could be right tomorrow? Divine mercy is not mysterious. It is real.

Don't worry about being wrong. If you take a scientific /critical look at all major religions, you will see that 'god' or whatever is chosen to call that enitity, is not really like humans. Hence 'god' does love everyone - so no need to worry. Be good, be yourself, explore the world and life without doing harm to others and my bet is worrying about whether or not their is a god is not anything to worry about.

Do not base any god decisions on Dawkins book The God Delusion. Dawkins is talking about religion and on that I agree with him. God is a completely different topic . God is the spirit of truth and goodness. Religion has nothing to do with truth and goodness.

What if you are wrong? IF there is a god, do you believe he is a just and loving and forgiving god, a good god? If he is a good god and you are only doing what you believe is right, do you really think he would punish you?

just don't base your beliefs on what someone else or groups of people have told you is right...come up with what makes sense to you...you have that right....and if there is or isn't...doen't matter...do what is right in your heart to yourself and others without harming either...and you will be fine....

Right or wrong...who cares. Just believe what you believe. If you want to believe in God that fine, it doesn't mean you have to believe in religion.

When you admit that there is fear, embrace it. Look at what you are in fact admitting, The god of the Abrahamic tradition is a monster, he demands human sacrifice for a crime he deemed a crime, he demands the mutilation of the human body and commands his creations to love him or suffer.<br />
He claims to know all yet his books are filled with errors and fables.<br />
He claims to be from the start of time till the end and yet history proves there were thousands of gods before him and suggests there will be thousands after.<br />
He claims to punish offenders yet rarely is this promise fulfilled, he claims to reward the faithful but only after death.<br />
He promises a life of joy and plenty in heaven yet never sends a resident back to us to verify the claim.<br />
Now weigh the two points, your fear against his track record, would you not agree you have more to fear from a germ then this or any god?

I suggest 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins. <br />
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There are many people out there that does not subscribe to the idea of a God but we are not organized like the believers. More yet, we are made to feel guilty, less worthy and even to be called the ones the opressors. Nothing can be further from the truth. What we need is to start building pride in being atheists or agnostics and building confidence in our reasoning. <br />
Look at the world and watch people fighting to defend which God is real. Knowing that you could be worshipping an elephant God in India, or swearing by Quran or by the Bible with the same certainty is revealing that God is a man invention. <br />
And if you were born into the wild and there were nobody to 'teach you' of their God, you would probably create your own. The Sun, the stars ... man needs a God to explain things that he can not understand. Just because a majority believes in a Biblical God does not make him more real than the God Sun created by the savage. <br />
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"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. "<br />
Bertrand Russell

There are two reasons way people have difficult concepts about God:<br />
1) Is they do not know a christian<br />
2) Is they do know a christian.<br />
<br />
I cannot consign anyone to believe or not believe in God.<br />
It is not my place.<br />
<br />
I can say that God will reach you when he/she feels it is time.

very true, TD.... i will start stepping away from the fear.

I have two preliminary thoughts for you to muse upon. :)<br />
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Firstly, worrying about the consequences can distort our ability to see clearly. If you are still exploring ideas about what the nature of reality (is there a god or isn't there?) then you are best served by just focusing just on that, until you are happy with the data you find. Eventually you'll come to some conclusions, one way or another. Issues of going to hell or not will be are largely solved by the non-existence or existence of a god; no amount of wishful thinking can swing things either way. :g<br />
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Secondly, do you really think hedging your bets will get you into heaven? ;)<br />
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(And if it takes fear of eternal punishment to get people to get to heaven, exactly what sort of system would you be signing up for anyway?)