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Sorry, but I just need to jump in here. SoEmPtY, I feel offended for Terrorita's sake by the comment you made on her story "brainwashing". The thing about religious folk are that they can never just let it go. An atheist would generally let everyone believe what they want without trying too hard to convince them otherwise...mostly because we know that the only way to embrace atheism is to realize that religion is nonsense on your amount of "convincing" will ever be effective.
You religious types tend to think you can make some kind of difference in the life of an atheist, and that if you pray for us, and tell us the lord loves us, then we will come to see the error of our ways and go "Praise the lord!"
We do not need to be saved by you. We have been saved by ourselves already. Saved from a life of meaningless servitude, and the boundless dissapointment of eventually realising you were wrong.
I think you using the words "poor thing" was way off base. Terrorita shared a great story, and I'm sure she doesn't need anyone devaluing anything she shares.
I think I speak for all atheists when I say we lead perfectly fulfilling lives without the presence of religion...I doubt you'll find any of us sporting a name like SoEmPtY.
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This is probably one of the most amazing posts I've ever read in my entire life. The end. Personally, I love babies. They're warm and squirmy and they make me smile . . . unless they poop. Which they do. It's kids I hate. They NEVER SHUT UP. But I love some of 'em anyway. I think the only thing more entertaining than your rant is the mass of stupidity congealed in the thing called "replies." <br />
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Anyways, I think you should get brownie points, so I'll give them to you. Brownie points. Keep it up, you might get your "Epic Hate" badge. And yes, that is a good thing.

k8, its a nice post and I have no doubt that you live your life in just he way you wrote. But it is not this way with your church or its offshoots and thier leaders. Due to the teachings of the catholic church AIDS spreads in Africa unabated because of the no condom teaching, this allows the disease to mutate and endangers more and more. Muslims feel in order to protect the good name of god they must blow the **** out of anyone who does not fall in line with thier thinking. Protastant christians exert thier might to teach our already undereducated children that evolution is a theory and its makes just as much sence to believe that some super spook had a hand in the creation of the universe.<br />
As the beating of a butterflys wing in Amsterdam can aid the monsoon in Ghana the existance of religion affects and weakens the human condition.

K8 makes a good point, walking our own walk, I'm not having a dig at you here I promise, but why do so many religious people feel they have a right to govern and interfere in other people's lives. That annoys the hell out of me - no pun intended.<br />
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Nice post K8<br />
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Jack [former catholic]

Not all religious people behave like the kind of 'evangelistic' Christians you refer to in your story. I also find that attitude and behaviour incredibly patronising, insenstive and annoying. If people want to know about your faith they'll ask, if they want to be converted they'll let you know. If anything this kind of in your face, I want to save you attitude turns people away. I'm Catholic and my faith is my business, and others faith or lack of faith is theirs. I think people should be respected for their point of view and we're all walking our own walk. Look where you're putting your feet and never mind whether others are hopping, skipping or tripping!

I totally agree with you. Everyone is entitled to their own "BELIEFS" (so to speak) and nobody should try to push their beliefs on anyone else. I get completely turned off by believers that try to "save me." I actually pretty much resent them for it.

Some people call their persistence 'love' I call it annoying. <br />
It was all I could do not to cross the road and have some sharp words with the old man yelling 'where is your Jesus, there is only one true god, where is your god!?'. I stood and watched, thought about it...and left it. But if he had been on my side, I would have tried to share reality with him.<br />
I don’t think they get it, we aren’t sad or immoral, we’re just the same as they are…only a little more grounded in reality.

Well that makes sence to me, at least you know who you are, people like me that have had religon fed to them, grow up feeling we are always sinning, you have taught me a lesson,