Another Atheist In the Bible Belt

This makes it even harder on my "friend quest". Of course around here churches are the main community gatherings and place to meet people.

It is kind of hard meeting people and getting into any kind of close relationship when the mention of "what church do you go to?" comes up.

I never say that I'm an atheist, I just hint around about it and the matter drops.

The thing is I hardly ever think about it let alone try to bring it up in conversations, but like politics, someone will usually mention it in passing perhaps during a story about something else and then the genie is let out of the bottle.

If pushed hard enough on my beliefs I will just say what I plan on telling our children - that I don't think anyone knows 100% for sure what happens when we die and if there is some grand intelligent entity guiding us along, but I'm almost positive that none of the religions that humans have come up with describe any of it correctly.


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I'm not a part of this site to get into a debate with anyone... There's enough other sites on the internet for that purpose.

levin, you were born an atheist, as we all are. Most children are taught to believe in many invisible things that cannot be proven true or false, things such as Santa, the tooth fairy, and whatever God the parents want to indoctrinate the kid to believe. Eventually the parents let the children realize that Santa and the tooth fairy are not real, but they keep insisting that whatever their notion of God is still exists. <br />
<br />
Atheism is the default belief system. It's not a religion, it's the lack of one.

levin, I think you have your question wrong, god is a theory, the idea of a superbeing who watches,judges and guides our lives. Atheism is a statement, it means very simply, godless. There is no theory involved

Please explain to me the theory of atheism. I never understood how someone could "not believe" in something that they knew was not there. If there is no God or heaven or reincarnation how can you base your philosophy on "not believing." To me that would be like me saying that I don't believe in Bugs Bunny; that I know he is only a made up character. ??????????I am confused.

Thank you for your kind words Cm. I really needed that especially today.

That's a nice way to put it. And I like that you're brave enough to tackle that with your kids.<br />
Its sad that you can't find like minded people to socialise with. You'd probably be locked out of one group or another if your answer was the 'wrong' church anyway.<br />
Its like only socialising with people who earn exactly the same amount of money as you. Its not nice having to ask, and when it comes up, the only people that feel happy are the ones that make an exact match.<br />
Still, persevere I say.<br />
EP will keep you company in the mean time, and so will I.<br />