Life After Death, An Atheist's Version

Okay, this is what I believe.

We are all made up of energy, atoms, and elements.  When we die, our elements return to the Earth (that's easy, water to water, ashes to ashes...).  Our atoms join other atoms (this has to happen, because of attraction and stuff, this science is a bit over my head).  And our energy is put out to the universe (because energy cannot be created nor destroyed).

That means: there is life after death.  Our elements make beautiful flowers, our atoms are breathed by the living, our energy is used by other matter.  The universe, the world will keep recycling our energy to give life to other things.  A sort of reincarnation, if you will.

That means: Make sure you give out good energy constantly, and keep the bad energy out.  That means we are surounded by the energy of people who have passed on, and not just people but animals and plants. 

This is what I believe.

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I think you might enjoy this documentary. It has many of the ideas you wrote about -<br />
<br />

I have forgotten who had said it, but this entry and the first few comments reminds me of it, it went something like <br />
"I have no faith, I'm just composed of a few billion cells that all decided to be me at once."<br />
Kinda gives me a minor smile at the awe of it if you look at it that simply.

But you have to admit, Mitch, that despite the RW fiasco, our current president is much more accepting of science and non-believers. He mentioned non-believers alongside the other major faiths, which must have pissed the fundies off. <br />
<br />
Obama isn't going to support ridiculous 'faith-based initiatives and try to push for public schools to teach the "controversy" between ID and evolution. He isn't going to back abstinence-only sex ed programs which are proven failures. <br />
<br />
And look at George H.W. Bush. He said that since this is one nation under God that he wasn't sure atheists could be considered full citizens. I mean, W.T.F?!!?<br />
<br />
Yes, Obama is still religious, but he's so liberal in his religion that it isn't imposing on any of us. He's clearly aware of the wall between church and state.

You do realise that maybe you are breathing the same air-molecules that Einstein breathed.... or Hitler.... or Stalin.....or that dickhead in first grade...

unicorn, then who made god?

Unicorn59: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so creationism is a moot point using basic scientific principles.<br />
<br />
Whattup: It just makes sense, don't it?

Well I hope you picked the correct one to worship:<br />
<br />

Isn't it strange that the primitive tribes and their "primitive" religions are so much closer to the truth? Their view of the web of life, of Mother Earth, and how we will all return to her when we die... that's only about a billion times more correct than all of the ridiculous "salvation" stories that have circled the globe. There are worse things than realizing that we are made of stardust and will one day go through the great recycling mechanisms of the universe.