Another Atheist In Th Bible Belt!

I am an atheist in the bible belt. It sucked having to live in a bubble of no religion amongst all of my kids friends parents asking "which church did we belong to." I always reverted to the fact that I was raised Catholic and couldn't attend church because I work weekends. I  never had to force my kids to go to church as I was forced. I always wanted them to have an open mind about religion and let them decide/choose if they wanted to go to church.  Now that my kids are grown, I don't care who knows I'm atheist although I don't advertise it. I have been an atheist since I was about 16. I met many atheist friends when I became involved with the Democratic Party. I was amazed how many people were atheist!  We made it where we had an Atheist dinner night at least once every couple of months.  It was a great tradition that we continue still today. I have come out as an atheist at work.  It wasn't as bad as I thought. I even found that my boss and one of my co-workers is agnostic/atheist. Amazing. I was able to talk to my family about it and was accepted pretty well except by my sister who feels she has to "save my soul."  Sheesh!  My mother has admitted to me that she is agnostic.  We have had some great conversations!  I told her she damaged me raising me as a Catholic! LOL Really though, I have recovered. It also helps to read many of the atheist blogs on the internet. Thanks for reading my story.

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whutt, very good article by Dennett

That was a really good article, Whattup. Thanks for sending it on. My mother tends to say "Thank God" out of habit but she corrects herself and says "Thank goodness." It always cracks me up.

Read this article: <br />
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Thank goodness, not God.

Submission, belief in some invisible cloud being......... it's all irrational, IMHO! I have worked in health care for over 25 years. I have never seen a prayer answered (and I've seen countless people praying) or a miracle happen. All I've seen is lots of suffering and sadness.

In those countries the people would be Muslim, and they don't have cute sayings like 'God only gives you what you can handle' or 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'... their religion stops at 'you must submit to Allah's will'. It's all about submission.

its always people i n the west who say things like god only gives you what you can handle. I have yet to read such a quote from a person in Darfur or Uganda.<br />
I tell you, nothing frosts my cookies more than some spiritfilled asswad telling me how jesus answered his prayers and found him a parking spot at the piggly-wiggly.

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You bet! I'm going to the same place my pets have gone when they die! If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me! <br />
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Seriously, when I was about 16, I told me 10 year old sister that there was no hell. It blew her pious little mind and she told my mother and I got in co much trouble then.<br />
I told her that if there was a hell, it was right here on earth. Why would "God" make kids sick and die? Why would "God" condone war and "collateral damage?" Why would "God" let good people starve, suffer and be homeless? It distressed me then and it makes me sad today. If there was a "God," the world would be a more perfect place without all the pain, suffering, hunger and war. Makes perfect sense to me. I hate when people so stupidly say "God doesn't give you any more than you can handle. If "he" really loved everyone, he wouldn't make people suffer.

Wouldn't being stuck with a load of devout theists for eternity and having to praise a foul tempered, jealous, misogynist deity be hell anyway?<br />
<br />
All the atheists, chilled people, party heads, ravers, freaks, lovers, thinkers, musos are going where i'm going so that's cool with me.<br />
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Ever thought, that if this theist rubbish turned out to be true, that we've been hoodwinked. That heaven is the bad place and hell is the good place and it's all one huge con trick / test to see who's got the cahunas to say "Nope.. Sorry... this pious christer crap is total hogwash, i'm gonna enjoy being human whilst i can!"<br />
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I mean... imagine... adoration of the beardy robed one for all eternity... sounds like hell to me! Even Ted Haggard sussed it out!

Maybe they will suffer in their own personal hell! :-)

It makes you wish hell were real so they could go there.

I never felt ashamed being I am an atheist. I hid it while my kids were young because of other people's ignorance and intolerance. I never wanted my kids to be outcasts because of my non-belief. My ex-son in law is a religious zealot who has accused me of being a witch and practicing witchcraft on him! Geez, the things I would have done to that jerk if I could have!

I apologize for not being clear on that. My brother died in a boating accident when he was 18, I was 19. I really think that was when things changed with my mothers beliefs. She never said anything about being agnostic even after she knew I was atheist. She just told me she was agnostic a couple of years ago. I was not surprised to learn that being as my mother is quite progressive in her thinking. People do change.............. She didn't send us to church and catechism as a non believer herself.

If your mom is agnostic, why did she teach you things she thought were false? If she did believe they were true, but then became an agnostic, why didn't she explain to you her reasons why?

I feel for you too living in a bible belt. I love the comment above by the way. lol! <br />
I am agnostic myself, just recently been coming out. So far nothing bad except it may have cost me a friendship and a relationship with my (fanatical Baptist) Aunt and Uncle. But, that is ok since I don't really know them well and always feel uncomfortable around them as if they live on another planet. I think that if someone wants nothing to do with me simply because I do not follow certain beliefs they share, then they are not worth my time nor were they even friends to begin with. I went to a Catholic church myself and Baptist and 7th day on.. lol.. none of them made any sense to me. I wrote a story about my experience, so I won't repeat myself here. <br />
<br />
But, never feel ashamed of having the capability to THINK and discern fairy tale nonsense from reality. Peace.

It was a very good story, I really feel for you, living in a religious area. But as the zombie said, hide not your light under the bushel, shine on you crazy diamond