I've never been religious. There has never been a time in my life when I believed that there was a higher power of some sort. It was a nice thought but I couldn't believe it.

Things have changed considerably since then. My beliefs have not changed, but solidified. In November of 2007 the love of my life got sick and died (no one ever figured out what did it). This did not force me into a church or to believe in something "bigger" than myself. Quite the contrary. It forced me to look at things logically and rationally and in my mind there is no possible way for there to be a god. Things that happen in this world ARE random. There is no unseen force meant to protect us and make good things happen. There is no reason for everything. She was an honestly good person. She didn't do anything to deserve the fate she got, unless you count the fact that she loved me. There was no reason behind it.

In reality, the majority of the world is just as miserable as I am, even if most people aren't willing to believe it. If there were a god, how could it allow that to happen. That is not right, let alone justified. I'm not one of those people that believes that all people are good, but some are misguided. I believe that the majority of people are nothing but bastard coated bastards with bastard filling (moment of silence in aww of obscure Scrubs reference) and that we are born inherently evil. About 95% of the people I've met are greedy and selfish beings that are only looking out for themselves. It's not because we were "created" this way, it is merely because it is what the world requires; a prerequisite of sorts. In order to go anywhere in life we have to be soulless bastards willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Not all of us are this way, I will be the first to admit it. We all have the urge but not all of us give in to it. She was one of those people, constantly fighting her basic instincts in an attempt to be "good" and she succeeded as far as any of us can. I try to be like that, it's one of my goals but it is a work in progress. She drove me to be good and if there were a god, wouldn't it want to preserve that? Wouldn't "god" want there to be good people? That would make sense, at least a little bit anyways.

In my mind there is not even a .001% chance that there could be a god or some sort of "grand scheme" to the universe. Things are random, the world is cruel and we all are stuck in it. I'm not bashing religion, because in my mind if that's what you need to believe in order to get a good nights sleep then I wish you all the best. It's just not for me.

Now, don't get me wrong, questioning or changing the beliefs of others is not my intent. I am merely stating my own beliefs and if others like them and I maybe make a few people think along the way then that's just a bonus. My whole life I have hated when people come to my door while I'm eating dinner in an attempt to show me the light and force their own beliefs on me (no offense mormons). In my opinion that is completely out of line and I hope that no one interprets my actions in that manner. Everyone has the natural right to believe whatever they want in whatever way they choose (whether other religions like it or not) and no one has any right to force their own beliefs on others.

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Lol, thanks Lacey. Very kind words missy :)

Yep u do but in a good way. You just presented the argument for the separation of church and state. Recent study has shown that radar operators in the gulf wars ordered strikes against silkworm missiles even though to all intents and purposes they gave the samee signature as US A6 fighters. "I just knew" said one guy. It seems he did just know as increased dopamine from a difference in the overall radar picture told him they were not A6s. It took months to provide the evidence to support this. But goes to show there's a rational answer for probably everything we just have to keeplooking.

I agree with that, but the problem is that will never happen, at least not anywhere near our lifetimes. Humans would have to go far beyond our "expiration date" to witness something like that. <br />
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People (most anyways) are not rational, not remotely, and cannot live there lives based on clear rationality or fact. Not even logically sadly. We cling to these invisible gods and beliefs because it sets a sort of pattern to a random world. Sure, if everyone thought with reason, there would be virtually no faith, but humans aren't anywhere near that point. <br />
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The Scientific Method was thought up by rational people for an irrational world. It amazes me that evolution still isn't accepted by some people while throughout the world of science it is fact. This is irrational, and yet it happens.

I don't think saying that faith is a vice is a value statement, I think it's an empirical one. Decidedly inconvenient for faithheads, but true nonetheless. <br />
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Faith calls for believing in things when you don't have good reasons for believing in them, sometimes in spite of contradictory evidence. This is not admirable, and it's not reasonable. <br />
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In no other area of our lives is it acceptable to believe things on no good evidence just because you want to. Like you said in your post, jaded, if someone comes up to you with fantastic claims, they had better give you some good reasons to believe them or else why would you? That's what the entire scientific method is all about, it sets up a system of checks and re-checks which verifies every fact or theory along the way. <br />
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Faith (in anything, not just invisible gods) is antithetical to this process and to reason, and therefore it is harmful. The world would be better if there were less faith and more reason.

Biochemistry and music is a heavy mix. Dopamine has a lot to answer for. Drives gamblers nuts

I'd agree with you if my motive was to evangelize but I actually enjoy ranting and raving against the worshipers of the sky god. Call it catharsis.

Well put VendettA. Well, the denial of all things science is one of the things that has always struck me as completely ignorant and prejudiced. To see the facts laid before you and still believe that the Earth was created 6000 years ago is ridiculous. Even some of the "higher-up" people in these various religions have had the stones to accept that it has been billions of years rather than the alternative and yet there are still followers that deny that evolution and these other FACTS are remotely true. Ignorance must be one of the ten commandments...

Faith is not a virtue, it's a vice.

Jadedsatyr, you are completely right. Religion is a prejudice, just look at the crusades. Muslims and Jews were persecuted just for residing in the "holy land" and not being christian. Does that seem right? No, it does not. <br />
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Stevester, I agree that the burning of churches is a little extreme (lol) and it wouldn't help us at all, but lets not take the burning of McDonalds out of the equation, lol jk.

I think that atheists can be misinterpreted. Also calling for the burning of churches is just soout there. C'mon Stevester..oh that's me. I was kinda paraphrasing Chrissie Hynd when she launched her attack on McDs. Anyway being an atheist doesn't mean we continually attack the beliefs ofothers it just means we have a different set of beliefs and these don't necessarily rely upon a deity and their organised fan club. The point made above about spirituality being from within and that positivism is a self fulfilling prophesy makes sense to me. Honi soi qui mal y pense.

Lol, again, thanks Whuttup. degletenoor, if you don't want to hear atheists speak, stop reading our stories, it takes at least a little bit of higher thinking to figure that one out but I guess that's why I had to spell it out for you. Thanks for the comments guys. Stevester, it's always a pleasure to read your comments but I think I'll hold off on burning a church for a bit, thanks for the idea though, lol.

Wait, this IS the "I am an Atheist" group, right? This IS resem's only story about this, isn't it? He IS entitled to write his story, isn't he?

What!! atheists go on about god ad nauseum, purleeease give me a break. We are drowning in a tidal wave of evangelism, Islamofascism and general religious BS. Atheists are the last bulwark against the loss of all rational thought. Voltaire ushered in the age of reason and it is unthinkable to let his legacy be brushed aside without screaming our opposition from the roof tops. Burn a church now.

Tragedy is usually when people lose their religion, or when they find it. Kinda goes both ways, like a bisexual.

I actually enjoy it when people try to prosetylize at my door. Maybe I should make a group for that. Enjoyed the story and I think tragedy is the beginning of many people losing religion, even if it does sound cliche.

Lol, Whuttup, it's not that I was trying not to offend mormons, I just didn't want to call out any religion in particular. I don't want it to seem like I was specifically targeting them, because I wasn't. I feel the same way about all religion, no matter what form it is in.

My only problem with your story is you go out of your way to not offend mormons. $crew that, they deserve to be offended.

I agree with your philosophy on beliefs.I myself, dont believe in `GOD`.People have their OWN beliefs,but my beliefs do not include `GOD`. But that is MY choice.<br />
I have been through HELL in my life.I,too,have lost my love of my life.My husband,who was my SOULMATE,my EVERYTHING, died almost 3months ago.I had a **** life.I have been through HELL and back in my life and my husband SAVED me.He came into my life for a `reason`i think.He saved me from my misery.I was suicidal,and he gave me a reason to live. He made my life the happiest Id EVER been.But for some reason...`GOD`or whoever-decided it was his time to die and took him away from me.My only reason for living.Now I live in misery,suffering.<br />
I just wanted to msg you,and say I can relate to what you are going through. Feel free to msg me,and we can grieve,and chat about things we have in common. Take care Liberty

Dude,<br />
You are on the right track. However, I think you are struggling with some basic human traits. Mainly self preservation.<br />
<br />
If you care, please click on .my profile and look at my new EP "Man created god" You will find a few ideas that may help.

sorry for your loss, great story

Lol, that's good

ah, okay, no problem, puzzlement solved!

I'm not saying that being greedy or selfish in itself causes one to be "evil" (which in reality is just perspective anyways) but the pursuit of that leads to it. People have a knack for being corruptible. Greed and selfishness merely open the door to this. Greed pushes people to gain power, and then makes them want more and more until they are willing to do anything and everything to get it. If someone is willing to to take a life, just to make a few more dollars a week then in my opinion (I'm not trying to push this on other people or question whay they believe. I'm just stating my beliefs) they are "evil".

You talk about people being greedy and selfish like it's a bad thing and automatically causes one to be 'evil'.<br />
<br />
In public, if anyone starts bugging me for a petition or spare change or something and doesn't acknowledge my gentle brush-off, expect me to start railing at you, loudly, until you run off embarrassed or apologize to me and anyone I might've been talking to when you interrupted our walk and talk.<br />
<br />
However, anyone that actually knows me will still say I am a greedy and/or selfish *******, but they will never say I am evil or bad, they'll probably say I'm the funnest, weirdest ******* they've ever met.