Well not naming names because that is gossip right there. I have read some of your posts and looks like some of you have hurt inside, lost, confused about life, what gender you should like, you lost people to suicide and I am sorry to hear that. Misery loves company. It is totally immature to gossip about people in a post because that is not experience it is plain bashing someone and the person that they are talking about can be reading it and hurt by it because what they are saying about them is cruel, but I truly don't think that person cares because they keep talking about them. Cyber bullying is making a person and attacking them and maybe have other people attack them. You probably know what I am talking about, so we are done here. Thanks.
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Please stop trolling. You sound confused, immature, and are making as many attacks as you claim to be suffering. If you don't like what you're reading in the atheist section, maybe you would enjoy staying in the loving embrace of the judgmental folks over in "I am a Christian" There's the door.

Now, if you have something constructive to say, we're all ears, and happy to share in constructive dialogue.

oh you will never get that behaviour with people in real life or in the web, simply because everyone enjoy gossiping and talking behind the backs of their friends or other people, as long you don't reveal their real names I think that's tolerable and not offensive in nature.

Why are they so cruel?

No but they are sarcastic sometimes so the best way is to play the same way so you will not be affected . I was wondering why you write as Atheist ?I thought you are not a believer of some sort?

I am stronger follower of Christ,

are you > then why did you post as " I am an Atheist? hmmm that's really bizarre?

Do you think Christians should only care what God thinks about them?

I feel it would benefit most everyone if "Christians" would stop worrying about what "god" "thinks" about others, face it the only time you feel bashed is when you come over the fence to tell us we are wrong and then you get all butt hurt when you get sent back across said fence with your tails tucked between your legs, not many atheist here go out trying to convert you, but its our right as humans to make our own decisions, if it helps you to sleep at night thinking "gods" up there looking at you so be it i don't care, ill say this again don't get butt hurt when you come over here trying to tell us we are wrong and we let you know why we happen to disagree "god" bless you (^) (-_-) (^)

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What a bizarre "I am an Atheist" story. How is this about you being an atheist?


What are you saying "No" to? What question do you think I asked?

I would never be Atheist.

So why are you posting stories (that don't seem to be stories??) in an experience titled "I am an Atheist"? Perhaps you got here by mistake?

There are other experiences on this site that might be more relevant to your interests. I'm not actually sure what other experience would be more fitting for your story, but you could always create a new experience for it. Maybe "I dislike gossip" or "I don't like bullying" or something?

" Maybe "I dislike gossip" or "I don't like bullying" or something?"
Good suggestions, however this member, under her current and past member names has displayed a bullying stance and an attachment to gossiping.
I have a very hard time believing she arrived in this topic at this time by accident or via a mistake.

Because Trolls.

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