If you feel like it is fun to bash people because you feel power and control then go right ahead, but wonder why you don't have true friends because if they see you bash people then they don't want to get close to you because they know you are going to bash them too. One is this number and loneliness is sad too. I do not want to get close to anybody because I know what they will do because I seen it. You know seeing what they wrote about you makes you sad because people get the wrong idea and attack you. Get to know the person and do not listen to what others say about the other person. Good day. Stop the bashing on here because it hurts people's feelings. Thank you for listening to me.
amazingandbeautifulgodseyes amazingandbeautifulgodseyes
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So, enough about you. Do you have any thoughts about atheism, have any insights to give about the existence of a god? Have any proof of god's existence or proof of his non-existence?
Do you have any arguments that have not been posited before? Do you have anything to offer that is within the purview of this experience?

Why do you like to debate on here? (Secretly ignore it and report it)

"(Secretly ignore it and report it)"
I don't know what you mean by that. Can you explain?