Well my name is pain lover because I have truly hated in the Atheist room. They are making things that are not true about me then report me for spamming. Remember a member copying and pasting my story and put it as their story to mock me. They were mocking me for saying Christians act like Atheist and they were mocking Christian Atheism. I have been attacked several times by Atheists, so I am not really friends with Atheists because what they have done. They told go mess around with Jesus. Go picket fences like Westboro Church. Go bash gays. They said I was judgmental. All I did was tell them a bible verse then I get attack for it, so I really don't get a long with Atheists. They bash me online. I forgive them for doing me wrong. I do bible verses and I get bashed for it. I hope things gets better here. I am not bullying a girl on her. She called me a moron and idiot for what I believed in. I never called an Atheist Satanic. None of these true what they say about me. That is all now.
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Life must be very interesting when everything is about you. Clearly you have done no attacking, seeing as how this is posted in the very same Atheist thread you are complaining about. #sarcasm #pleaseleave #intelligentconversationisnotthesamethingasbashingorbullying #youarebullyingusbycontinuingtopoSthere