Please tell me more. You know why I left experience because I got tired of the Atheist copying and posting what I said on there and bashing me for what I said and I never talked to them in my life. I am not going to appeal my account because there is just drama on there. It makes me mad that experience project lets them be on there. I had to get the cops involved with their post because it truly hurt my feelings. They were bashing what I said on there and they were cyber bullying me, so I had to get off there. Now, they stopped doing it because they got me banned. I am sorry that one guy was bashing you on there, Blaze1103. I will tell you right now, that is not the place you should because they have body parts on there and they have people that are nude on there. Some of those people are cyberbullies, so I stay off there. They say that I say Atheists are bad, I call Atheists Satanic, I bash gays on there and you know that is not true. All those posts got deleted and I had to make several accounts, so it can get deleted. They are never going to let me back on there because what I said on there. I don't want no part of that cyber bullying. They said look Christian Atheism is when Christians refuse religion, but love Jesus and they were mocking me on there. Then they were mocking me about saying some Christians act like they are Atheist and I said, but I said that because we reject God, when we don't follow his ways too. Now, they have stopped bashing me, but I would stay off there. Thank you so much. I would rather talk on the phone, but keep details safe.
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