Well can you tell me how people support Atheist like these people should when people are to busy bashing people on here. Atheist do not believe God got that. I wonder if Atheist believe in anything. You are more welcome to tell me what Atheists are all about about. I want people to talk to me in a kind way. I want no trouble here. Be safe. I am happy.
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Sorry I think alot of atheist do not respect other religions because they feel that religious people look down on them for not believing in a god. Which they do. Even you said,'I wonder if they even believe in anything.'
I'll tell you what we believe in. We believe in man helping man, education, and making the world a better place in general. And we believe we can do it without a help of a 'god'.
And we see the world for what it is. We do not see it as one persons creation. We see it as billions of years of life that have perfectly balanced together. We do not think of man as above other creatures. We care about the environment and we understand that there is no other home than earth.
And most of all we are at awe of the stupidity and ignorance that religion brings on people.

Read Letters From Earth by Mark Twain, and if your religious it will open your eyes and change your life.

I would like to, sweetie! :) It's just that-I honestly do not
know which EP section would be appropriate to participate

Please stop posting "I am an Atheist" stories that are not about you being an atheist. If you want to ask atheists a question, there is an "Ask Questions" section of this site that is for that purpose. You are littering the site with a bunch of pointless stories that aren't actually stories and are just you talking to people as if this were some kind of chat room. Please take a step back and try to understand how this site works before continuing to participate. Many of us are interested in what you have to say and in answering your questions, but your approach to conversation here is frustratingly incoherent and belligerent.

We are not interested to tell you what we are, neither we are interested to know what you are. We don't need to believe in anything and we don't need anyone to tell us what he/she believes in.

If you have any problem with any individual(s) then you can take that matter with him/her in private or go to EP. Don't come here to throw litter.

What you are doing is not a kind way to talk. I wonder if its so hard for you to understand this simple thing.

Thank you.