There was a girl on here asked me why I have a faith in God. Well I have a strong faith in God because my dad brought up to love God, read the Holy Bible, go to church and he taught us about our faith in God. He taught us how to pray. He had a Mennonite back ground. He was strictly biblical, so he had great knowledge of the Holy Bible, so that is where I got my knowledge is from my dad. He took is to church ever Sunday and Wednesday. We did AWANAs. Then in my late teen years I got mixed up with the wrong guys, but I loved God, but not living by his ways anymore by drugged up and drinking up too. I kissed two girls to my exboyfriend. I started going to parties to just fit in. I was doing things with guys I should not be doing,so fell from Christ around eighteen years old to around now, but it was not me and I felt guilty doing it too. I feel like I am never at peace if you refuse to have God in my life. If I have God in my life then I feel at my peace. When I read God's word then it gives me a peace of my mind without any worries. I love to go church because I love to learn more about God. That is the end.
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I have much the same experience at ***** clubs.

So is there not any actual reason you believe the things about god are true? No evidence? Just a good feeling about it? That's probably what atheists wonder when they ask why someone has faith.

I have a faith in God because I have seen God answer my prayers. I have seen God in miraculous ways like healing people from cancer. I knew a boy that prayed to God to answer his prayer to let him know if his grandma made it to Heaven and all of sudden the wind chimes in their house where moving like they were outside. I have heard the Holy Spirit talk to me. I hope you have a great. Enjoy your day. Be safe on here.

God hates amputees. Seems like cancer is all he cures. I once was blind, but now I see. Of course lasik may of had something to do with that.

What do you think about people who believe in a different god saying their god answered their prayers? Are they mistaken?

So your Dad indoctrinated you?

No offense... But why to post this to "I am an atheist" group? It makes as much sense as if I posted to religious groups my opinion why I think the God doesn`t exist...
And then religious people wonder, why atheists are so upset with them!

Why did a girl want to know about my faith if she truly does not care about it

Have no idea... just don`t understand, why post it here. There are PMs, religious topics and so on... But to this group? doesn`t make sense to me, that`s all.

Can you tell me more about yourself

Like what?

It is up to you.

Biologist, married, no kids... Read my stories, if you are interested.

Can I post on them?

Suppose it`s not something I could decide. You can post whenever you want.

Thank you so much.

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Take religion out of this story and you'll find it parallels most journeys from youth to adulthood.

Strict upbringing. Angry teen. Rebellious. Contempt. Self realisation. Adjustment. Responsibility.

This is standard. You're (incorrectly) attributing this as moving away from god and back again. Fine. Whatever floats your boat honey but it's not true. You're just grown up now. Wiser but seemingly no less gullible.

I love being with God.

And I love not being with god(s).

I'm happy. You're happy. Final form achieved.

Thank you so much.

We've evolved to be social animals.

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"I love going to Church to learn more about god..." The arrogance of your church leaders for saying they know the will of such a lofty deity. All Im reading here is that you feel profound guilt because you made a few mistakes. Your god did not help you. You helped you. Maybe yoi reevaluate how things are really versus how you wish them to be.

Do you agree if you sin then you are following away from Christ?

Of course not. I don't believe in the divinity of any being. I believe human morality is a universal trend and that people at their core are good until an outside influence convinces them otherwise.

Can you tell me more about that?

Imagine there is no god. And it is easy enough to do. What keeps you in line at that point? Would you really start murdering people because no cosmic power is watching you? Of course not.

i think sin is a test God is trying to test you and your proving you deserve his love and his savior Jesus Christ

Where did you come from smile?

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