This is amazinggod here. Is this what you all do is sit here and bash people on here because they called you out on something. Is that all you do is make fun of people's learning disability. You are telling me that I am forteen year old and three old acting like this, but you are making posts about me tehat is not right and you are making fun of me. You are making fun of my learning disability and that is not right. You are bullying me because I see you trying to humiliate me in here by posting about me and making me look bad. I would never say I hate gays. I would never bash anybody on here. The urls are put down about me and I didn't want to see them anymore. You people are truly cool, when you know I got kicked off here and you are trash talking me while I am seeing this all on here and that is true cruel to do someone. I am get banned.
godsissoamazing godsissoamazing
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3 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Don't use the atheist tag to complain about being bullied about something else.

i love the behining

Welcome to the Internet. The best way to avoid any form of negativity on your posts is to post in keeping to the theme of the group.

If you post about god in the "I am an atheist" group then you should expect some flak.

There are no extenuating circumstances. YOU are responsible for what YOU write.

I honestly think this is just some fourteen year old punk trolling. I mean who could really be this thick?

*sigh* you'd be surprised...