If you can't handle what an anonymous Internet stranger has to say to you, especially in a forum that fundamentally disagrees with your point of view, then maybe it's time that to put your Big Girl Panties on. Admittedly this attention seeker has harassed and comment stalked those that disagree with them, and just keeps coming back with one sad tale after another. Many people have tried to actually help this individual and politely pointed out several ways to help this person cope, only to have their comments bawleeted or turned around. I think that says a lot about this person, regardless of their 'disabilities' and other problems they hide behind to justify being a victim.

TLDR; Obvious attention seekers gonna be obvious.

PS: Satan Rocks! Oh, wait. I don't believe in him either.
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nonatheisrgroupie's posts: "Why are you trolling this girl?"

Go away already. Nobody believes you. Stop being so pathetic. If you're innocent you don't need to hide behind a thousand new user name's -- that are YOU -- to defend yourself.

prettyinpink, aka troll with a thousand names that keeps stalking me and currently participated in yet another round of childish bawleeting of comments:

If you don't like me, then don't interact with me. I have told you numerous times to either ignore me or grow a spine and block me. I'm not going to be pushed out of a community I'm actually part of because you are an insecure little brat.

There was absolutely no reason for you to post to me across three boards within seconds of each other, except to be a creepo pyscho stalker/attention seeker/troll. I highly doubt the validity of your 'truce' anyway, as I have repeatedly told you to stop contacting me, and yet you persist. I have even blocked you, but you come back under a new name. We've counted over twenty now. Get a life, or a therapist, or something. It's not healthy.

Oh, and, by the way... YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF A CREEP/CYBER STALKER/CYBER BULLY and I find it ironic that you think everyone else has the problem but you. This isn't a negotiation. Take some personal responsibility and grow the **** up. Block me or don't, but for ****'s sake, get a clue.

I have seen a Lot of people stirring up trouble ,on the Q and A side ,by making derogatory statements ,about Christians,or Atheism. I have watched these trouble makers "Get the ball rolling" and then sit back and watch Fireworks. Speaking as someone that has spent my life trying to find a little Truth,when it comes to "God",or the "Lack there of" ,and am still clueless. I can say ,if a person is (confident) in what they believe,whether that be There is a God ,or there is Not ,they won't feel the need to keep trying to Validate their own belief, by trying to "Convince" others of their Point of view. Are they really trying to convince others,or Themselves. :)

Your last line of PS itself explains everything what we Atheists are.