Well it is nice to see Atheists being so nice to people in here. I am sorry that some of you think God is a murder because God was destroying cities because they did not follow God, but God had angels come down to tell his people to run away. Some of you think God killed babies. Do not tell Christians that they hate gays because some Christians believe in gay marriages. All Christians have different views. All Atheists have different views too. Christians are all different. We should not judge anybody. Do not bully anybody for their disability, race, religion and language. Christians do not kill babies like you think Jesus did. Christians are all different. Get to know them.
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You made some upsetting accusations toward me and about me in one or more of your other guises.
I respectfully asked you to point out where I had committed the written acts you were accusing me of. Rather than responding civilly you increased your rant and then deleted you post.
So, once again, please link to were I demeaned you, bullied you, or indicated you were a gay basher.
I believe that honest communication is possible between any two people, but I too have feelings that are injured by the unjust accusations and dishonest assertions you leveled against me.
More than one of your sock puppet accounts did just that, unjustly and dishonestly made allegations which you refuse to address.

How can God act or expect us to forgive our enemies when he wasn't even capable of doing it? He just murdered them instead, great lesson from the heavenly father

What kind of tone are you saying that in?

It's irrelevant what tone I'm using, please address my actual point

Thank you so much.

While I am happy to judge people as individuals, to deny the Old Testament God is vengeful and killed people for not following his will is either disingenuous or you haven't actually read your Bible. The angels not not tell the people of Sodom and Gomorrah to run away, they told Abraham the God would spare the cities if he could find 50 righteous men. There was no escape option from the flood.

As to the history of violence in the name of religions, the evidence is overwhelming.

I am not sure who says that God kills babies, however, if he existed and wished to he could have designed a world where no one died before they were 16 and/or made sure it never happened. (Even if he is too busy to prevent accidental death from things like car crashed and hippos, he could certainly have left disease producing microbes out of the design, and war and hunger as long as he is at it).

As to homosexuality, the Romans certainly tolerated it before Christianity became the official church and the Spartans pretty much made it mandatory. Predominantly Christian nations have only tolerated homosexuality very recently and it still is not a great number of places even in the US.

India has groups of people called "Hijra" who are transgendered (they are mentioned in the Kama Sutra which was written as early as 400 BCE and at the latest 200 CE). When they ruled, the British passed laws making this practice illegal as it was "indecent" (read against Christian morals).

What else do you know?

About what? I have a wide variety of interests.

I know lack of the Oxford comma is a plot by the AP to save print space even though that is no longer an issue. (OK, I don't really think it is a plot, merely a convenience and general laziness)

I just finished reading Zealot and am still unconvinced that there was an Historical Jesus of Nazareth that did the things in the New Testament. The New Testament is a self-referential source is not evidence. There one vaguely contemporaneous historical source outside the bible, Flavius Josephus, that even mentions him and there is much confusion as "Jesus" was a fairly common name at the time.

Can you tell me more about this?

What sort of thing do you want to know?

What about the religion you are studying on?

Don't you have anything to say about what they just lined out?

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I have found that "Most" Atheist,are respectful of Christians,as long as they don't Judge them and start telling them they are going to go to Hell. I have also noticed that most Christians are respectful of Atheist,as long as they don't start making rude remarks about Their Beliefs. In my life ,I was raised Christian, became and Agnostic, then an Atheist, back to an Agnostic . All my life I have searched for Proof of God,or Not. after 59 years Ii can only say there is no proof either way,so to believe or not is strictly up to the individual. I choose to HOPE ,there is a supreme being,or some kind. :)

Would you like tell me more about it?

I believe each person should search for, and find God,within themselves, each in their own way and Time. I believe it is possible for God to be all things to all People,and very different,in all aspects. This is why there is so many arguments ,and different Religions,and beliefs. It is not beyond an all powerful being to be all things. This is why we must find God for Ourselves,no one can tell you what of who God is.

Why are you so wise?

Why are we so off topic here?

Do you want to talk about it?

Yes, the majority of People will reciprocate, when "Given" respect. On the other hand,if you start a conversation,with derogatory remarks,you will almost always get them thrown back at you in return. I don't necessarily agree with Atheism,Homosexuality,and a Host of other controversial subjects,but I would discuss these subjects respectfully ,and rationally with anyone,that will show me the same courtesy I show them.People's lives can take them in a myriad of directions,and their is no way to understand how they came to a particular place,no matter how odd it may seem ,unless you can discuss it without letting your personal prejudices,and lack of information,on a subject get in the way. :)

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