Some people target people for their religion, race, learning disabilties, so you know that is not right there. Some people just like to pick on other people because it is funny to pick on people. They have nothing else better to do then argue with people. They like to cause drama in people's lives and just love to make people miserable. When I was four years old I got a knowledge test done and it said that I have learning disability in math and English. I had to go to speech class because I could not talk right. They would be copy cats and see how I would react. It is not fun to be picked on for what you believe in. I never went to parties because I was following God. I never wanted to party because the Holy Bible told me not to party. I was pure and kept myself clean even though I wanted to get wild with a guy and have you know what, but I kept clean. They would make fun of me because I was in a resource room. They made fun of the way I looked. They made fun of the way I talked. People loved mocking me. The Internet was not a good thing for me because I still got bullied there too. People would attack my bible verses and then lure me into their profile by saying all kind of evil things about me then their friends attacked me. Westboro Church pickets fences. A baby is a gift from God. I read the Holy Bible and I am against gays because that is what the Holy Bible tells me. People would day poor girl gets picked on because of her faith in God and they were making fun of me because of that. There is some people cruel people out there, so watch let enter in your life. People have threatened me because I spoke to much about God. I just got out of an abusive relationship. He beat me. He hit me in the arms, stomach, grabbed my throat, threatened, put his hand over my mouth. I want to stop cyber bullying. Thank you.
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If you truly desire to stop cyber-bullying, then stop being a cyber bully.

What is your exact learning disability? What is it called?

You made some upsetting accusations toward me and about me in one or more of your other guises.
I respectfully asked you to point out where I had committed the written acts you were accusing me of. Rather than responding civilly you increased your rant and then deleted you post.
So, once again, please link to were I demeaned you, bullied you, or indicated you were a gay basher.
I believe that honest communication is possible between any two people, but I too have feelings that are injured by the unjust accusations and dishonest assertions you leveled against me.
More than one of your sock puppet accounts did just that, unjustly and dishonestly made allegations which you refuse to address.

You will never get a straight answer from her. She is a troll, an idiot, learning disability or not. She has problems with this group, but won't leave. I've blocked her and flagged her and sent email to EP. She changes her user name and continues. Then she tries to friend me in PM and add me to her circle.

Question, why are you posting this **** in the I AM AN ATHEIST group? We don't care. Why can't you go stalk some other forum?

Because she wanted to speak to atheists.

Or, rather, does she "want" to create drama, disagreement, and dissension? I have been directly affected, AND effected, by her brand of "speaking".
She is filled with turbulence, hyper-emotionality, and her own, closely held, brand of "fundamental Christianity".
She demeans, discredited, and degrades and then deletes. In short, she is EVERYTHING she raves and rants against.
IF, BIG IF, she wanted to speak with atheists she would demonstrate less superiority, more humbleness, and most of all she would respond to sincere questions.

I have a new thought on this person - she wants to provoke and provoke AND PROVOKE in the hopes that she will be able to get us banned for something we say back to her. She may think she's doing "God's work" by silencing a few atheists.

Frankly, after reading many of her posts, by at least a dozen or the alter-ego/sock puppet accounts I think you are giving her far too much credit,
It would take at LEAST an iota of native intelligence to accomplish what you are suggesting...she has far less than an iota.

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I am a Christian too and Christ said we will be pursecuted for our faith

Atheists are persecuted for our lack of faith so it's really not that special or Christ-specific to be persecuted.

All we need to do, rationally, is to look at the last 200 years of history to see that persecution is not Christ-specific. However, I am certain that many would deny that racism, nationalism, sexism, or ageism are persecution.
Christians seem to think/believe they are special snowflakes.

Soooo atheism rocks yeah?