Well just want peace in here. I am not trying to argue with anybody in here. Well I love gays, but do not like their life style. I am a very friendly person that enjoys getting to know people. If you want to be friends with me then you can be friends with me. I have a learning disability and I was born with it. I am a Christian that reads the Holy Bible, prays, enjoys spending time with God and I love going to church. I was made fun of for my learning disability. They would make fun of my texts because they wouldn't make sense, so they would mock me. I just don't want to be attacked in here for my faith in God. I don't want you to talk bad about me if I try to understand Atheism that deals with being Christians. Satanic is different that Atheists. Christians do fall away from God. Have a good evening.
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I like gay friends too but I feel sad for them. I don't know what are the reasons they choose to be lesbian and gay.

You made some upsetting accusations toward me and about me in one or more of your other guises.
I respectfully asked you to point out where I had committed the written acts you were accusing me of. Rather than responding civilly you increased your rant and then deleted you post.
So, once again, please link to were I demeaned you, bullied you, or indicated you were a gay basher.
I believe that honest communication is possible between any two people, but I too have feelings that are injured by the unjust accusations and dishonest assertions you leveled against me.
More than one of your sock puppet accounts did just that, unjustly and dishonestly made allegations which you refuse to address.

You don't have the guts to face and answer a simple question. That's why you have deleted my previous comment in which I asked you to come clean and take a normal entry through an authentic account in here. Does your learning disability include deleting people's comments when you don't like the truth? You had your chance to talk and become a normal person which you have ruined. Well, you can enjoy now being fake forever.