It wasn't a very hard choice, my entire family are atheists. So I don't have to deal with any of the problems such as them trying to enforce their imaginations onto me.

To be honest, it's been ages since i've met a religious person face to face where I live.
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After I saw Frostflower make fun of my learning disability then I wanted to bully her so bad because she was hurting my feelings. Posting my url up to poke fun at me. Jeditrunk and xstarlight thought it was fun to poke at me so they copied and pasted what put on there to mock me. Please grow up. God bless you. Thank you. Seeya. I am done with this drama.

It seems like you all have no lives because you are constantly online. Go enjoy your life without the Internet. Constantly being online you are missing out on life. I pray for you all. God bless you. Enjoy the day. Talk to you later.

If people stop talking about people then I will leave them alone

Thank you for taking those posts about me in I Am An Atheist room.

I wish I lived in a place where religious people were rare!

You not have freedom of movement there?

Yep. It's sucks when others try to force their religious beliefs on you.

Its hilarious because them trying to force their beliefs onto me is like someone trying to force the belief of unicorns being real.

Hehe. Yeah. Glad the fact that I don't hang with super religious people.