I was doing more research today about religion being false I found a few shocking things.

1. Joseph Smith was a sex offender he went to Carthage jail for having sex with oliver cowdary's wife.

2. Jesus's mom Mary magidilyn (pardon the spelling) WS a prostutute.
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It is all I wanted them to do is stop talking about people.

After I saw Frostflower make fun of my learning disability then I wanted to bully her so bad because she was hurting my feelings. Posting my url up to poke fun at me. Jeditrunk and xstarlight thought it was fun to poke at me so they copied and pasted what put on there to mock me. Please grow up. God bless you. Thank you. Seeya. I am done with this drama.

Joseph Smith, founder of Mormanism was a pretty unsavory fellow, a con-man for sure. Everyone seems to know this except the Mormans, or maybe they just don't care about it.
You should do some more checking on Mary Magdalene. That is a different Mary than the mother of Jesus. She (Magdalene) was a follower of Jesus and may have been a prostitute, according to some biblical historians.

Magdalene is believed by many scholars to have actually just been a business owner, but a woman business owner in the day was unheard of. Women were property, not equals. Stone her!

If you are referring to scripture, Mary Magdalene was not Jesus mother, but yes she was a prostitute being stoned by Pharisees for being so. Jesus.... I believe said to her "Go forth and sin no more." but I may be wrong. The point being the Jesus is about salvation and forgiveness. Some say that Mary Madelene was Jesus secret wife... kinda icky to think that she would be his mother also.