I do not believe that there is a God, nor will I ever and I do not believe that the world we live in was just created. My whole family are atheists, so I was brought up in that environment.

I respect people who are religious and I never try to change their views. I do not shove my beliefs down people's throats, because I am happy with knowing that we will always believe in different things.

My dad has always made the point whenever there is a natural disaster or a massacre that if there really was a God, why would he make these things happen? An all loving God causes all this misery to the people he supposedly loves. I completely agree with that. It's part of the reason I don't believe there is a God. Yet I do not judge people on their beliefs that there is a God.

I do not believe in heaven or hell. I do believe that there is life after death though. I believe in spirits, and that your spirit can be reborn into a new life. I believe in reincarnation. I don't believe there is any punishment for what you've done in your current life. I don't think you will come back as a toilet brush if you were a bully in school.

This is entirely my opinion. I think that being able to express your opinions freely is a big part of life, as long as respect is a part of it. People are entitled to their own beliefs.

I got an A*1 grade in my Religion and Ethics mock exam (the highest possible grade) this past June. Why? Because I am very interested in religion. We are only studying Christianity, but I find it very interesting. I am particularly interested in Judaism. I am more than happy to hear what people believe in. I will not debate you on your beliefs nor try to change your views. I am very interested in as to why people believe in certain things.

I will forever be an atheist. I will never be a believer in God or anything of the sort, but I will always be respectful of those who do.
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You are you. No reason to justify yourself.

Religion??? The reason most wars have been fought. Pathetic. Religion=division=difference=war....and both sides have god on their side.

You said you fully believe in the scientific side of things, but you eventually go on to say that you believe in spirits and an afterlife: are those things supported by science?

I believe in the scientific side of things in regards to how the world became what it is now and in evolution.

I don't understand why you would believe both in the findings of science and in things that aren't supported by science. If you don't mind my asking, why do you believe in spirits, reincarnation, karma, etc.? What has led you to your belief in these things?

My mum is a very spiritual person, and so her talking about it made me intrigued, and so I became a believer of it too.

Thats a good combination to have. Somewhat of a scientific approach mixed with somewhat of a spiritual outlook. Spirituality goes beyond religion. Most of it, is some supreme human values and character. A certain amount of self-reflection also helps, as can be seen in the medical studies on effects of meditation.

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Good for you.

Thank you.

Very interesting.
My interest in religion became stronger after I lost my faith. My father is ... lazy agnostic/christian? My mom is Christian. She bought a comparative bible, which laid out every verse of the NKJ bible, along side the hebrew and most exact, uninterpreted translation of the old testament as was available. Things like "In the beginning" aren't even there, but were added for poetic flourish. I was hooked. I do my best to know the basics about all major world religions, and to keep up on learning a little bit more all the time. Why? It's important to study your enemy *lol ok not really my enemy, but some people sure act like I'm their enemy.
I went to art school for college. In our last semester, we do a "senior project" in which we create a large scale project within our media field (graphic design, for me), and create a gallery showcasing all our finished projects as a graduating class. For my senior project, I created a poster campaign highlighting similarities between the 6 major world religions. "The Gray Area" because many people see religion as black and white, but the gray area is all the amazing places where religions are similar to one another. Religion will not die out for a long time, because it gives people guidance, purpose, and comforts them with their fears about death.
Sadly, religion also turns people against one another, even when they are very similar. Case in point:Sunni vs Shiite Muslims, Catholics vs Protestants in Ireland. It's fascinating and very sad.

Wow, that's very interesting. That project sounds very unique and must have been amazing.

I agree except with the spirit part. Your 'spirit' is your brain. And you only get one brain before it dies and decomposes.

I respect your opinion. Thank you for your comment.

Your infatuation with religion is a little confusing. Being an Atheist, you see religions for what they are, which is man-made constructions, and I don't believe it is worth an ounce of respect. Maybe from a pure Sociological sense, these religious people can be studied and find out why they blindly follow and keep their world small rather than have a logical view of the world.

Do you think a religious person would show the same respect you do to religions in general if you asked them the respect Atheism? They will get angry and ridicule and in some cases quote bible scripture to keep you away because an Atheist is a threat to their wafer thin beliefs.

I'm not going to say you're confused, but it sounds like the idea of the small, shallow world of religion appeals to you.

That's exactly what interests me. I am interested in why people believe in these religions. Why do some people kill because they refuse to believe in anything else? I don't like the idea of a small, closed mind but I am very interested in the psychology behind it all. I am also interested in different beliefs. But the question I always return to is why do people believe in this and only this?

That's more interesting. I've studied Sociology before and found how religions can be molded based on people's geographical location quite interesting but depressing at the same time. How people can be so primitive as to be herded into a single belief system so blindly is embarrassing to me.

You're a braver person than I am as being immersed or surrounded by religious subjects and/ or people would give me a splitting headache.

Well god is considered a spirit , how come he does not fit in with all of this? I agree with not forcing any one , if the belief is no punishment , then you are saying I could murder and should I get away with it here on earth , I'm good to go when I die , I born back on a clean slate.

I'm saying that there's no punishment like coming back as a dung beetle. Of course you won't get away with it in your first life but I believe in what goes around comes around. If you murder in your first life, you'll be murdered in your second.

I don't consider God a spirit.

Ok , for such a system to be put in place , some one or something had to enstate it , souls has or had to come something of a spirit source - well in religions , god is a spirit - and as for karma - the law of cycle - Hindus put animal life as part of the cycle