Please allow me to step up on my soap box to make a Public Service Announcement. If you live in the United States, you get to freely practice your First Amendment Rights: the Right to Free Speech.
That means, I get to say whatever the **** I want to, even if it offends you, makes you cry, tears you up inside. YOU have the right to say whatever the f*uck YOU want. See how that works both ways? It's a pretty cool system!
You do NOT have the right to silence free speech of others. Let me repeat that. You do not have the right to make others stop talking simply because you disagree with what they are saying, whether it is about politics, religion, their personal life, or even if it is about you.
Don't tell others not to say something because it harms your delicate sensitivities. Grow up. We're (mostly) all adults here. If you can't have a mature conversation about grown up things, you're welcome to go somewhere else. But you don't get to silence us because you don't like what you're reading.
One more thing. Most of the things that probably offend people on this site are not directly about them.
Don't take it personally.
Don't be a narcissist.
Now that that has been cleared up, all questions about exactly what an atheist is, what we do and don't believe in, are perfectly welcome. Challenges are welcome; most of us like a good debate. What is not welcome is "Stop talking about Christians" and "Stop bashing religion." Well, technically you have the right to SAY it, but hold on to your pants for the firestorm that will follow, because you don't have the right to make us shut up.
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It's a pity that EP doesn't believe in the first amendment. The flaggers on here are getting feral...

What do atheists eat? Do they live in trees?
On a more serious note, those who live in countries where they don't have a counterpart of the First Amendment -- do they also have to comply? I wonder how these legal issues work through the internet.

Humorous, but the point is that this post was written because 1) we get a lot of people telling us to stop saying things that they don't like because we are "bashing" them. and yet 2) they get to say whatever they want because their free speech is protected so don't you dare tell them this isn't the place for it.
To answer your last question, there is no real recourse legally, however the site does have guidelines forbidding religious preaching and proselytizing, so if at least 2 people flag someone or their post for this behavior, the site admin will usually delete their post/reply, and after several complaints, will suspend or ban the account.
This atheist eats a gluten-free dairy-free diet of largely meat and fresh fruits and veggies due to food allergies. And wine. Wine is the top of the food pyramid, right?

It's good to know then that the site has a mechanism for dealing with unwarranted preaching. But don't the terms in the Amendment apply to those situations where someone has the power to shut you up? Here, people can tell you to shut up, but they don't have the teeth to enforce it. As a consequence, they can continue to say what they want as well, arguably, even if that entails telling us to shut up.
I was very happy when I started to have a comparatively meaningful discussion with a religious girl, but then she said something like 'I hope you will be saved,' which implies that she is regarding all of us with sentiments of condescension. So close! But, she is free to say as she will.
This one is diabetic, but still eats everything; doesn't hate on wine but prefers whisky.

The amendment means the government can't forbid you from saying any stupid thing you want (outside of anything that would create a public danger like yelling Fire in a crowded place). And let's not forget the most important caveat, if you say something really dumb, the First Amendment does not protect you from being mocked mercilessly.

Just remember this, just as you have your rights others have their rights. In the United States you can loose money in court cases for being a bully and stepping on others free rights. So technically we do have the right to tell you to shut up as it is our right just as it is yours. Learn the constitution and have a nice day!

She wants it to stop, but she keeps coming in to remind us she wants it to stop, all the while hounding, whining, and being a general troll. Maybe she'll get a clue.

Lol doubt it! Don't hold your breath!

No kidding.

It is all I wanted them to do is stop talking about people.

Nobody cares what you want, you are not the authority on anything here

After I saw Frostflower make fun of my learning disability then I wanted to bully her so bad because she was hurting my feelings. Posting my url up to poke fun at me. Jeditrunk and xstarlight thought it was fun to poke at me so they copied and pasted what put on there to mock me. Please grow up. God bless you. Thank you. Seeya. I am done with this drama.

You have much more than a learning disability. I can't even fathom what's wrong in your head

You can't control what other people do, you can only control what you do. In other words, get the **** out the room if you're offebded

applause. Well said. We need these public service announcements once in a while to remind people what is going on in this group.


Love it!!!!! I always get the "you can't say god doesn't exist!!!!", and I'm like uh, yes I can freedom of speech, you can't tell me what I can and cannot say.