It seems like you all have no lives because you are constantly online. Go enjoy your life without the Internet. Constantly being online you are missing out on life. I pray for you all. God bless you. Enjoy the day. Talk to you later.
doggiesgotheaven doggiesgotheaven
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Being an atheist Means you don't believe in God.

Here, I'll make this post relevant to this group - god's not real

It's hard to see how You could know that people are "constantly online" unless You are constantly online yourself, doggiesgotoheaven. Spare your prayers for yourself!

OOOOH, the irony. This suggestion coming from someone who must have at least 30 accounts.

And I shall summon forth the dark lord on your behalf.

Some trolls here have multiple accounts so it could be only 1.

This is one person with many accounts.

Not sure what this has to do with being atheist...But today is a chill day. Tomorrow I'm going to donate blood, go have dinner with the husband, see a movie, and hopefully get supplies to make blankets for the homeless.
Does that count?

Please stop the cyber bullying in here and be safe on here

I haven't cyber bullied anyone? lol.

You seem to have a very skewed idea of what constitutes cyber-bullying, doggiesgotoheaven, and You are making it harder for people who genuinely suffer from it to gain the appropriate attention.

There are ways to deal with bullying built in to EP, but trolling this group with your plaintive wailing is not one of them. Have You never heard the story of the Boy Who Cried 'Wolf'? You are merely wasting EP Admin's time and the site's bandwidth.

You will get no more attention from me.