I think a good person is not someone who follows their religion and worships a god. I believe a good person is someone who respects nature and the environment. Someone who understands the downhill turn the world has taken for the destruction of nature and all of the species that are dying. I really couldnt care less about people. They are selfish and needy. I just love animals
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Blind, though of healthy sight you are, my friend. Yes, people can be selfish and needy. They are also lying, deceitful, ungrateful, greedy, vain, self-centered, douchebags and knowitalls. But they are also kind, caring, supportive, loving, proud, loyal, stalwart, determined, curious, brave, honest, forgiving, compassionate and selfless.
You can never know for sure until you meet them.





Lions kill cubs just to bang their mother. How is that not selfish?

People are animals too!

Me too. Most people are inferior to animals.
I also don't understand where people think they are going to live after they have trashed the planet.

You keep unblocking me to post something on my experience then you block me right away again. get a life