I am an Atheist and Painter is not...he's more agnostic. However before you go quoting me scripture and handing pamphlets to your flavor of religion please continue reading. I probably know more about God, scripture and holy books than you will EVER know. I went to university to study it. I have studied the holy books of several religions in their original languages. The Bible?? I've written more research papers on that than I'd like to admit. So before you speak, know when you quote me and idea or a revelation you may have, it comes off quite parochial to my ears. I went into school with the faith and calling...I left with the beautiful revelation that the spark of the infinite exists in all of us... that this moment is what we have..no more.. So I am going to suck the marrow out of this wonderful existence. I am going to love without fear and I am going to experience without boundaries... I will covet no being or thing and I will recognize every life as rare, perfect and to be celebrated without the prompting of a omnipotent fantasy being.

---be loved always
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Hi, why do you put "Poetess" at the beginning of your writings?

*tearful slow-clap-- Beautiful!

Thank you..thank you... remember folks try the veal... and don't forget to tip your waitress... ((giggles))
Painter says: Give her more than just the tip...

Well said!