I'm Not An Atheist But I Believe In Evolution

And I'm a school bus driver.  One of my bus runs this year transports a dozen twelve year old boys for a half day program to an outside district tech school.  The bus is a half sized one and the run lasts for one and a half hours, twice a day.  Thus my question:  Why do you think stinky feet evolved?  What possible evolutionary advantage can they have?  Back in the cave days, stinky feet left a scent on the ground to be followed by predators. Isn't that a disadvantage?   I would have thought that all our ancestors with smelly feet  were caught and eaten up so the tendency did not survive the ages.  But, judging by the atmosphere on my bus, this is not the case at all.  Anybody have any ideas?

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Yes! Tea, please. I've never had rose hips. I hear they are a powerhouse of nutrition but I don't know why. Hey.....The Effect of Gamma Rays! Great freakin film! They don't make films like that anymore. I wonder what happened to that little girl. She was wonderful. Oh, and Joanne Woodward was at her peak, the scenes with her elderly boarders! Hell, every scene she was in was golden!

Owlafaye, something tells me you are often sticky behind your earlobes!

The shoe theory seems to be the consensus! LOL!

Hehehe, you better be prepared and have a bakers dozen!

I have a donut and I'm not afraid to use it.

Yum! Smells like ....not feet......in here!

A simple chocolate doughnut will do, gentleman. Maybe add a sprinkle or two! LOL

I have not tried all of the various items. I'm afraid it might end up like a 9/12 weeks episode, which I don't think I'd enjoy too much. <br />
<br />
It's hard to tell what works. I mean, I am awesome, so perhaps I don't need any of this stuff lol.

Napoleon, apparently sent a message to Josephine, "home in three days, don't bathe". <br />
<br />
I like the donut idea. Does it work with linguini and ragu sauce as I have a habit of dropping that on my shirt

I read somewhere that if you truly want to attract the ladies, to sprinkle donut crumbs behind or around your ears. Women will pick up on the scent without even realizing it, and the connotations will subconsciously persuade them of your ability to 'provide'. <br />
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And, you get to eat some donuts. Bonus!

So interesting. I always had an affinity to the odor of a vanilla ice cream cone! LOL Or raspberry white chocolate cheesecake!

Wow, Jade. There's a whole 'nother world going into pheromones and scents of attraction! I don't think stinky feet fit into the scheme of things there! LOL The subject is certainly worth investigating further!

Aha! The feet evolved as Mom repellents! They keep the hovering annoyance at bay! Chameleon, I bet your feet never smelled or your Mom would have given you more space! <br />
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V? Sharing carnal knowledge on EP? You're right, Jojo! So kind and considerate! *Annie dons her sunglasses and commences stealth stalking*

"V," I knew you were that kind of guy, kind and considerate, even if you had stinky feet and sticky pages LOL. I just don't think we're going to solve the stinky feet issue. I was thankful we have wood floors here. I was able to coax everyone to leave their shoes outside the front door until that one day, I went to slide my foot into my hiking shoes and OMG! there was a skink in there and he was trying like mad to get away from my foot. I nearly had a hearty attack! At least he didn't mind me stinky shoe!

Lilt, I would say it worked out well for me. I don't consider myself a Cassanova, but I do possess a lot of carnal knowledge, and I've shared it with some of my EP "girlfriends". <br />
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And while I was in high school I certainly knew more than the average football pla<x>yer that relied on the jackhammer technique of lovemaking

Jaded! You have humor! And a bad pun at that! I'm thrilled you couldn't resist.<br />
I don't care about the evolution of stinky feet because no matter what scientific explanation is offered. I just know they stink today and I hate that. In fact, I hate feet. I wish they weren't so necessary.

And how did that work out for you, V?

Yes, boys have entirely different reasons that they're in the bathroom forever. Can't speak for all 16 year old boys, but I was in the bathroom forever because I was getting my comprehensive sex education by reading smutty romance novels.

hahaha! What a great thread to wake up to! Thanks for the chuckles first thing in my morning! Having raised 3 sons, I know all too well the stinks and odors The girls weren't always pomp and perfume either, though!)<br />
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I agree with "V." on the technical side. LilAnnie, I wouldn't want to be on the bus with you, I remember the Band Bus when I was their Chaperone a few years ago! EWWWWW<br />
As for 16 year olds in the bathroom, I'm with you there, Lilt!<br />
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Thanks for the great laugh!

Then they turn 16 and spend hours in the bathroom. I don't really want to hear Vendetta's thoughts on what they do in there.

Or not.

I got it! I got it!<br />
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In many species, the young male leaves the herd and strikes out on his own. To remain a loner, sometimes, for its whole life! (Awwww! Sympathetic pangs!)<br />
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We all can testify that our young males are stinky. And young males are risk takers. And young males are adventurers. Maybe stinky adolescent feet left a telling trail. Wanderers were eaten up! So the lesson was learned by the others through the generations. Stay close. Don't leave the tribe. No? I like the idea! Dogs too. They have smelly feet and dogs are pack animals. They also remain close. I think I have something here!

Oh ho, I asked for it, didn't I! "living bacteria that live off body fluids!" LOL! Now I'll have a nice visual to go along with the smell!<br />
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For sure, hot sneakers and shoes add to the problem. But doggies have smelly feet too! I still think there had to be some kind of evolutionary advantage for scent on feet. I just haven't figured out what it is yet.<br />
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"May the gods have mercy on our soles" Ba-da-bum! He's here in the lounge every thursday, Ladies and Gentlemen. Come back and see us at the Club Atheist!

Having smelly feet isn't an evolutionary question for people. The smell comes from living bacteria which feed off of bodily fluids like sweat. That is why it's not just feet that smell, but anywhere that bacteria have found a nest to flourish in. Bacteria have a very high evolutionary fitness, it's nearly impossible to create a sterile environment that bacteria can't flourish in. The best bacteria killers we can come up with still only kill about 99.9% of bacteria. The problem is that the surviving bacteria then reproduce, and build up a resistance to those substances, so our disinfectants and cleaners have to continually evolve as well. It's like an escalating arms race. Every response on one side necessitates a response on the other side. This is how superbugs evolve, and our futile war against germs may end up leading to a strain that we are powerless to fight. <br />
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This is the way the world ends...not with a bang but a whimper.

That boy IS golden. I love him too.

There's a few I would love to dunk in bath water and show how to work the washing machine! Been lucky so far though in that nobody shows a talent for "tooting"! <br />
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My golden boy carried a construction bucket full of 32 table wheels the janitor had let him have. He figured the shop teacher at the high school could use them....He also had a teenie tiny Kilm in his back pack. Claimed it could reach 2000 degrees, What do I know?<br />
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The day before.....clank clank clank. What the hell is that sound? I couldn't turn around, of course. He explained he had removed a six inch round magnet out of a stereo speaker. He was throwing it onto the metal walls of the bus. He express much concern that such large speakers were even legal! Told me to never never listen to them. I would lose my hearing!

It's not just their feet.<br />
12 year old boys just smell, period.

Ha! Multiply pungency times twelve and stick it all in an enclosed area. Yikes!!!!! On a cold morning, I have to turn the heat on!!!! "Conditions of containment" indeed! BWAHAHAHA! (I laugh now. This morning? Couldn't laugh while holding my breath!)