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i believe that if there was a god, then there wouldn't be so many bad things happeneing in the world, and there wouldn't be bad people and illnesses that can't be treated and just general bad things wouldn't happen. there are so many problems, its like if there really was a god, then wouldn't he have planned it all a little better than for the way that the earth has ended up? that what i think anyway.
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charlee, it was not a deep philosophical question asked of you, it was simply, "how do you know" If you are not able to answer such a fundemental question as that, then I would have to wonder where you base any of your life decisions, what is your litmus test for knowledge?

You have every right to your reply and honestly I will not be able to persuade you otherwise. I was simply relating my perception in response to the orginal post. I don't have all of the answers to any ?. I believe that we choose to come down to this place and we choose to be either evil or good and many other things. It's all for learning and then we choose to leave here and end up in bliss again. I just feel that it is more rewarding to consider love and caring because I feel the end results are more enjoyable. I do not wish to have power I 'd wish more to have cooperation with others. but each one chooses what they think is right .

If there were no God working in my world, this world would be 10xs worst than it is now. God wants us his creations to love and take care of each other. please ask God and his angels to watch over you. and just leave your fear there. and try to remember in this world you create more of the same what you think moment by moment.

Your entry delves into a distinct argument about the existence of a greater being (or lack of one):<br />
1) If God is righteous and the way to be good is God's way, then why does God allow evil?<br />
<br />
One of the most common answers is that God gave man free will, and that allowance perverses everything, including the chance of an evil-free existence.<br />
Which the argument of God's Omnipotence can then be called into question: If God is all-powerful, could he then not have devised a way for man to have free will, yet still strike away evil? As impossible as it sounds, would it still not fall into the realm of possibility if one is all powerful? With endless power would it not be possible to make 1+2 = 4?