Not Because I Hate Gawds Or People Or Icons,

but because I don't feel I have to imagine something that has no logical validity. 

I understand the genetics, the vague trigger of the awareness of existance, and the epigenetic placement of the "fear of mortality" but an organism can survive independant of these traits, and anything more is just the greed and willful ignorance of hunmanity.

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

There is logic until you think about it critically for a bit, aided by increased scientific understanding of the universe. We still don't know everything, but if you think back to the amount of ignorance that was rampant when these Gods were first invented, you see that it made perfect logical sense to believe in invisible beings. <br><br />
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Imagine how scary the world is when you don't understand nightfall, or know what the sun is, or what an eclipse is, or what a comet is, or what a supernova is, or how a tornado works, or what an earthquake is, or what lightning is.... you could go on for days about all of the miraculous features of nature that primitive people simply had no way of understanding what the heck was going on.

Amen Brother! Er, I mean I agree with you 100% and so do many, many more! Welcome! :-)