Religious Belief Is Childish

Religious belief is childish and I think those who insist upon it wish either to remain children themselves, or to excersice power over others as parents do over children. This is a negative symbiosis between those who long to have control and those who long to relinquish it. To some extent, we all long for the certainties of childhood, but this longing is something we should fight against as we learn to take personal responsibility for what we think and do. To some extent we all want to control our environment and place ourselves above others, but this impusle is strongest in the spiritually weak, and we should guard againt it. The negative symbiosis of priest and flock is morally repugnant to me. I have five senses and the power of reason. I can review my own experience and the experiences of others and reach conclusions, with greater or lesser degrees of certainty. These attributes give me great power, a power which grows with use and has grown throughout history, and I refuse to let anyone rob me of that power by persuading me that it is wrong to exersice it. It is a moral imperative to use that power as much as we can. Not to use it is sinful, a failure of will in the face of death; it is unmanly, it is childish. I am proud to be human, filthy and glorious. I am proud of the great discoveries frail, diseased humanity has made, from potatoes to penecilin and I will try to contribute as much as I can to that terrible story. I have faith in mankind, I believe that we will gradually put away childish dogma as we come to maturity as a spiecies, and I will speak out against those who allow their hearts to be ruled by fear, and their lives to be wasted in pantomimes of dominance, submission and wilful ignorance.

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Watching the world unravel with people killing each other over stupid garbage, [not just relegious belief,] While people waste time following the latest celebrity meltdown doesn't seem like we as a species have evolved that much. Personaly I believe if more people followed the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, I mean his real teachings of love and tolerants not the excess baggage many people muddy the water with, Our world could be a paradise again. And no you don't have to believe he was the Son of God to follow his council.

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Thanks 4 the comments. I like humans, and I think we r very down on ourselves, partly because of the guilt that God made us feel for killing his poor son! (sorry, the Romans did some good stuff too u know). Yeah, we make mistakes and do stupid sometimes vile stuff, but we are capable of doing such great things, us ordinary people, in our ordinary lives. I feel quite religious about that and I really hope that we will survive this period of climatic change and depletion of natural resources because, although we have used up the world's wealth very quickly, we have learned so much. I'm not talking jut about science, but also about the way we live. In the last hundred years, for example, women have liberated themselves, what an amazing change, in little more than a generation! I get cross with people who who want to put all that back in the box and deny it. <br />
By heart I am not referring to the organ that pumps blood, but to the part if me (and all of us) that feels courage, fear, joy. I like to think of my mind inhabiting all my body, not just my neocortex, but perhaps that is a bit too spiritual of me :-)

You say that people are ruled by their hearts. In that I find a contradiction. The heart is an organ who's function is the pump blood. It's the MIND that rules mankind and in that respect are you saying you are ruled by YOUR heart but others by their minds are is it vice versa?

Nicely worded. They would say that they use their senses and reasoning capabilities to realize that they can't understand the world around them. Humanity is seen as so below and incapable of grasping why they do what they do or why the world is the way it is. I agree with you, we are far more powerful and in control over our lives than people want to accept responsibility for.

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"I have five senses and the power of reason." You're absolutely right! And I will continue to use them to form my thoughts and beliefs!