I Am An Atheist

I am an atheist.  I have been since 1978.  Even today it feels good to say that out loud and to post it here.  Unlike a lot of my atheist group members I don't spend a lot of time reading or intellectualizing the subject.  God seams so silly to me that I don't need to debunk god-proofs or anything like that.  I like those who do, and refer to their work whenever I need support in an argument.  As silly as it might sound I accept atheism on faith.  I am confident that it can be supported rationally, I just don’t bother.

I was raised in a very Catholic home and attended Catholic school from first through twelfth grade.  I came very close to becoming a priest in grade school and almost attended the seminary prep school.  I still think I would have enjoyed that life (although I wouldn't have taken the celibacy thing very serious).  After being warned about how evil ************ was, it was when I discovered it for myself that the whole mythology fell apart.   Later I had similar experiences with sex, homosexual sex and abortion.  Recently I attended an atheist lecture and learned sex is one way the church controls its members.  I know for me, it was the liberating spark.

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There's nothing wrong with having faith. Blind faith is what me and mine oppose.

We shall *** repeatedly, bring in the sheep<br />
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or something like that.

it seems you were able to overcome once you were able to come all over

I love reading stories such as this where the author overcame the daunting shroud of religion and joined the "dark side". Haha, congratulations :)<br />
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Out of curiosity with the whole ************ aspect, did you start wondering once you realised that you wouldn't actually go blind? :P Haha

wow, lol, to start unraveling your spoon-fed (seems so in your case, raised on it and such) religion when you discovered ************...<br />
...I dunno, I got a little giggle out of it!