Argument I Was Forced to Endure With the Christian Gestapo

This person randomly messaged me, I have no idea who they are or where they came from, but the conversation is as follows:

Fundie: There are no true atheists and you know it. You are suppressing what you know to be true.  

Me: Not sure who you are but okay.

I'm assuming from your statement that you are theist, in which case I say this to you:   I am not the one looking beyond the detrimental evidence, the likes of which this world is riddled, and choose to believe in a magical sky-god because it makes MY life easier. You are the one who is suppressing knowledge and rationality by furthering your belief, not I.  

Fundie: According to the Bible, everyone knows there is a God but some suppress the truth. Everywhere you look is the evidence of a divine creator. People deny God's existence because they have been traumatized in some way, but your conscience convicts you of His reality. Admit it.  

Me: Oh boy. Alright, first of all, the bible was written by PEOPLE not god, there is nothing at all divine or true about a thing it says. Second, the evidence against a divine creator is far more apparent. Evolution is one proof against it. You can in fact, see these things happening through the fossils that have been found and the changes that we see over time in them.  

Third, divinity? No. Nature. Everything that you define as 'god's creation' is defined by science. Biology, chemistry, astronomy, these hold the real answers. Not some book put together by ignorant human beings.  

Btw, we are not born religious. That belief is forced upon us by our parents just as their parents did to them. This is called indoctrination. Children are young and cannot differentiate between fact and fiction, therefore they are easy targets for your little cult, which is the reason it is so large. Using scare tactics and other methods these children are defenseless against the cruel hand of "god" as you call it. Much of the bible has been disproven; you're just too blind and brainwashed by your cult to see it.  

Out of curiosity, why are you messaging me about this? There are plenty of other TRUE atheists you could have whined at.  

Fundie: You don't know anything about the Bible. You simply parrot the same old tired objections. I'm praying for you. Take care.    

Me: I've read the bible, and then I put it into the fireplace because I couldn't allow the Christian infection to spread.  

It is funny to me that I am being the one berated here for backing up my argument, by a person who can't even come up with one other than, "I have faith, I'm praying for you". That is ignorance by definition, you have no intelligence of the subject, you just spew the same recycled god jargon. Pray for me all you like, your Jewish zombie of a god will not answer.  

Take care yourself    


As you can plainly see, the religious majority have no decent arguments left. Their tactics include condescension, insults, and idiotic assumptions. My argument may have included passive-aggressive insults and some condescension here and there, but these things are wrapped around fact, not fiction. In respect to you, I did not include your username out of respect to you, take a note and learn.  

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If I may, here's what's convinced billions upon billions of reasonable individuals the world over that the Bible is the very Word of God:

Some fundie has been reading Ray Comfort!

Lol, most of them are. It just makes me sad that people actually think (and believe wholeheartedly) this crap...

LOL, kleisse you must introduce me to this sponge-god of yours, sounds so intriguing! <br />
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godsmack, thanks for linking me to this story. How unfortunate that you had to endure this, and what a sad, sad little man this fundie is :( lol

Hahaha! That's wonderful CC! :) There aren't words for the amount of awesome you just expressed. Well done!

Great points godsize :)

Just like most other bible belt kids I was forced to go to church.So of course I belived in god.Then,upon praying for countless nights for god to make my dad stop being such an alcoholic abusive ***** with still no results to this day.<br />
If there is a god,please explain the dinosaurs for me.Also explain how there are so many different ethnic people if god flooded the world and only Noah and his family were left.

Haha, great point Kleisse :)

Christians say, they have a book and what's in the book is true. I say, I have a book about a giant mutant sponge that does my taxes which is also true. They say, their god has performed miracles. I say, so has my sponge. They say, the presence of their god can be felt. I say, the presence of my sponge can be felt. Whatever they say about their god, so say I about my sponge. My sponge is as real and as proven as their god.

Haha, from my experience that way of thinking is indeed VERY christian. Actually it applies to damn near every religion that has ever existed. The belief that, "you don't believe what I do therefore you should die" is alive and well within the religious community.<br />
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Thank you for the comment, Kevin.


HEY ! There is a Sky God you know. His name is Father Sky =)

Haha, I'm glad you agree. A total noob :P

I'm Christian, and I don't care whatever you believe in, that's YOUR choice, But what bothers me is people like that fundie...pathetic...

Haha, you guys make me smile :D I just lol'd at your comments

BAHAHAHA! Well put BHS, well put =D

I completely agree MJ, I think it is just because they are afraid that this is it. They want to believe that they will live forever in some form or another, whether it is an afterlife or reincarnation.<br />
<br />
Logic and reason is a nice thought, but we are illogical, unreasonable animals by nature. People have to grow a long way for them to see what we see.

Wow Tulick, I never thought of that. Oh my gosh! You have changed my views forever!!!! How did I never think of's so simple! Wow, I am forever in your debt!<br />
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did it ever occure to you that they are right and you could be wrong <br />
<br />
that if there is a God they want to love you

The belief in god (and all the associated nonsense) is superstition, but religion is so much more than that. Unfortunately, I can't think of any words adequately convoluted to describe the difference without using a bunch of pejoratives.

with the addition of ignorance anad fear

OM, sorry, I didn't see your comment earlier. I have The Quotable Atheist on my list already. It looks fantastic :) I'm also looking at Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris and The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins along with countless others :)

Godfree...that's awesome. That argument was obviously not pointless, as she saw the idiocy in religion. The pointless ones are the ones where the other person covers their ears and shouts "LALALALA" when you are speaking with reason. Little boo-boo ears can't stand to hear anything other than their own meaningless dribble. Those are pointless, although I suppose they are good for one reason. They emphasise our points and reasoning, because they make it blatantly obvious that they have no arguments whatsoever.

The arguments are not always pointless.<br />
I get pastry for the seniors for our morning coffee, outside the shop stands a sweet little Jehovah witness lady hocking her watchtower. After 9 years we have gotten friendly enough that she took to offering me a magazine for free, I told her that I appreciated the offer but I was an atheist, then the spiel began. After a few minutes I asked her if she could continue her praising of god but without referencing the bible as I find it morally, historically and literally wanting.<br />
This pretty much ended the discourse, now fast forward about a year, I meet her in the grocery store, she is no longer a witness, she is Unitarian and agnostic and she claims it all started when she was challenged to defend her beliefs without a magic book.

Lol, exactly BHS, there's just no arguing with people like that because they refuse to see reason. I got another one this morning but I'm tired and I seem to get several a day now so I just ignored that one, lol.<br />
<br />
BHS, I'm your hero?! Sweet, now I can start my own religion. I'll get on writing the "Newer Testament" right now. You can be my pope, BWAHAHA! Lol, I cringed while I wrote that one :P<br />
<br />
Anyways, thanks guys, it means a lot to me :)

There is also The Quotable Atheist from Jack Huberman; that one is really good too. I just like the title better on the first. :P

Lol, my eye roll almost broke my computer :P<br />
<br />
Hmm, I'll take a look at that :) I'm always looking for a new one so thank you very much <br />
<br />
Thank you so much for everything OM :D

Resem - great job! Im so proud of you. ;)<br />
<br />
About the parrot thing, I would be doing one SERIOUS eye roll. Last I checked Xtians don't even read their own damn bible. Then they want to call the atheist the parrot.<br />
<br />
Might a recommend a book, its totally up your alley: Fighting Words - a Toolikt for Combating the Religious Right by Robin Morgan. Its a really quick read and its good. Its something you can keep going back to.

Haha, thank you for all of the wonderful comments guys :) I couldn't agree more

great riposte. I took great pride in one of the xtians messaging me and after our exchanges they actually blocked me!!!! Looking at the codex sinaiticus site it's interesting that this really ancient version of the bible is not the one that influenced the accepted text of King James version, apparently because it does not express the idea of God's divinity strongly enough. It could just be that the original bible was a book written by mankind as a folklore history, maybe even some kind of code of conduct but the god botherers realised it would never sell until the divine retribution element was introduced. Sort of early century Simon and Shuster.

I love where the fundie says, "You simply parrot the same old tired ob<x>jections." Isn't that what most holy-rollers do? Pot calling the kettle black. ;) Just because they have no idea what is actually in their "good" book, doesn't me we don't.

It's amazing xtians keep trying when all they have is **** like that.

Being condescending is part of the fun. Most of the fun, really, since it's impossible to have an truly intelligent debate with people like that, and certainly trying to convince them of reason is an exercise in futility.

In all honesty I could not agree more Coyotegray. Thanks for the comment :)

Normally I may have let a message like that go by me unanswered, but the pompousness of this person got to me and I could not help myself. As a personal rule I do not block people no matter what they say to me, I don't really have a reason for it other than if someone has something they want to say to me I want to hear it, lol. A lame reason but I'm a bit of an odd person. <br />
<br />
I do agree, this argument was a pointless waste of time, but I enjoyed making their ignorance obvious to everyone.<br />
<br />
Thank you very much for the comment :) Hug!

I find that engaging in debate or conversation is only beneficial in situations where people are wanting to understand someone else. I enjoy reading a different perspective and when I was young I was full of ***** and eager to argue. Now, I pick and choose only pepole I see as having something to give or something to receive. It seems a pointless waste of time otherwise. I would simply Blockie someone that sent me that. I do get very vocal when it comes to making laws to restrict freedoms because of personal moral beliefs. Crimes with not victims, etc. When it comes to what a person believes, when they make no effort to restrict others of their beliefs, I just don't care. HUG

Lol, as the day goes on I've noticed my condescending tone becomes more and more emphasised. I'm working on that though, I've always had done that. <br />
<br />
Thank you for the comment and the complements :)

You did this person a favour merely by engaging with them!<br />
Very good reasoning, for one so young ;O) (note condescending tone....)