Better Safe Than Sorry

I would just like to add something that has always made me wonder about the mindset of these 'better to be safe than sorry' folks Smebro has mentioned.
Maybe it's been said before...who knows?
If God is the all knowing omnipotent being that all Christians claim he is, wouldn't he see straight through this 'better safe than sorry' ploy many people have adopted? Wouldn't God think to himself..."ya know, the only reason these guys follow me is because they're covering all their bases. They don't really love me, they just don't wanna burn in hell. That's not true devotion...I don't think they're worthy to live in my kingdom."
Do Christians really think their god is such a near sighted being? That he wouldn't bother looking further that what's on the surface? That he would accept their superficial devotion and grant them eternal happiness just because they did the absolute minimum they thought was necessary to keep them out of hell?
Do they honestly think they're gonna appear before God, walk straight through those big golden gates and think to themselves "I did it! I fooled God in to letting me into heaven!"
How mind numbingly ignorant are these people? These people should be hoping that God doesn't exist, because if I were God, and someone tried to pull something like that, I would be seriously pissed off!
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2007

You are right .God knows,and is saddened by it. Not PO'd. Because he does love them

As my mum said when I was a young believer (All due to a teacher that came in and brainwashed our young minds twice a week, which led me to believe I would be separated from my agnostic mother as soon as we died) she said 'If there is a God, don't you think he can tell I am a good person?'... Thank Lordy she planted the right seeds in my young mind. <br />
Better to be safe then's such a flawed argument and pretty sad. Like when they say 'How can you be good without god?'...That’s just like saying 'If not for God I would be a right d*ckhead'