I get so irritated sometimes!
I made a comment that if there was a god, then there wouldn't need to be a book to tell us about it. Someone replied, if there wouldn't need to be a book, how would people believe in GOD?
Seriously?! It's not like I was being esoteric. But I guess I need to spell it out:
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The question that this also reminds me of is this:
If there is a god, just the one god, why would there be many religions?
Surely he only has to appear to each civilization, do something to prove himself to be god and everybody would follow him instead of making up their own version of fairytale.

How do you imagine Go to be "Undeniably Obvious?" Would He sit upon a mountain top, Sit on throne in the sky? etc... etc... Just curious...

Since it is impossible to demonstrate the existence of any god, I imagine it would be quite the opposite of that if there was a god. Since, after all, God supposedly created EVERYTHING. In six days no less. Notwithstanding how a day was measured before Earth was created, I would think the evidence would support such a claim of everything being created fully formed. But it doesn't.

You said evidence would support such a claim of everything being created fully formed...but it doesn't...what do you mean?

We know from available evidence that the formation of planets took billions of years as did evolution following the emergence of life to eventually produce humans.

Not sure how that proves no God especially since there is so much we do not have conclusive proof of...But just for fun...I found this site very interesting about the planets. Totally reminds me of Spirograph! http://ensign.editme.com/t43dances

Yes, it reminds me of Spirograph too. What it doesn't remind me of is the orbital paths of the planets of our solar system, which are elliptical rather than circular, inclined on different planes, and if yoked would not produce a semi-major axis pattern anything like the one shown.
It's even funnier to see an attempt to conjure up a Fibonacci sequence... Arrington is simply window-shopping across all the numerical sequences until he finds a small part of the Fibonacci sequence using Earth and Venus (why those two? Because they're the only two that even come close) and then saying 'Look, a Fibonacci sequence!' But what about the many, many non-Fibonacci sequences using the same relationship between the other planets?
You'd possibly get more mileage from the Titius-Bode rule... although orbital resonance and restricted degrees of freedom show us that any stable planetary system will follow the Titius-Bode rule (and why), which kind of spoils the wow factor.

It doesn't prove there is no god any more than it proves that invisible telepathic space worms don't live in my attic. But it sure discounts any claims that the Earth was created in six days with fully formed life on it. Many other Biblical claims are similarly discredited, making it clear that the God described in the Bible not only doesn't exist, but can't. That's not to say there is no god, but if there is a god, one thing is clear: we know absolutely nothing about it.

I would respectfully disagree...because I don't think there is conclusive evidence either way. I just love Science and constantly amazed as discoveries come to the forefront. That's it!

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Indeed. If there is a deity then it would have shown itself in some way. And alot of Christians say God doesn't reveal himself because we'll die or you need to rely on blind faith But I can say the same about the Easter bunny. That He doesn't show himself or we'll die because feasting our eyes on his holy choco eggs.

Is too much for a sinful human to handle.*

I'm always suspicious also curious or moved by any book written by man. Regardless of where is inspirations come from. Especially when followers of this book make proclamations in the absolute that can not be proven. And that these followers or the book itself make you a demon for not following it. Mass group think may often be thought beneficial but always creates havoc or harm.

I'm amazed by the blindness of those who will not see!

Well there is the viewpoint of if God was that obvious then the world would essentially fall into a state of chaos. Mass suicides and murders to end life because it's a constant suffering and people thinking every voice inside their head was God and therefore an acceptable executable.

God also could have done that already, and that's why the bible exists. He made himself obvious but people called bullshit because everything was magic and witchery back in those eras. We knew much less.

Or it's completely made up and it's something to explain the world as we knew it back then. I agree partly though, why would there need to be a book if there was undeniable proof? Would the outcome be worse than the world right now?

If it is true that god (let's assume the Judeo-Christian-Muslim god) routinely communicates directly with individuals as is claimed so often here, he could do so with everyone. No book written by humans would be needed.
Being mere humans we wouldn't be able to block or be deaf to the internal communication of god. If that god chooses not to communicate his will to everyone, just select humans, then there is nothing to do about it. You are chosen or not.
Problem is, that if you are not chosen, and therefore don't believe, you are going to hell, sent by the god that chose to not interact with you.