My husband and I have discussed this hypothetical theory at length. History is written by the victors. What if, God and the devil exist, BUT, Lucifer was actually a benevolent creator, or as an over-literal reading of Genesis 1 and 2 suggests, all creation and people were created by "us" plural Gods, and Lucifer was on that team. God casting Lucifer from heaven was actually the act of a jealous and attention seeking lower angel, a coup. It would explain why he is so addicted to praise and getting things his way, and as a group they all created both good and evil, but he's like a kid doing a homework assignment and stealing all the credit for doing little of the work. Lol sorry, just our musings.
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Interesting musings. Lucifer has its roots in the Latin for "light." and satan has been called the "morning star" and other names that suggest illumination, possibly truth.
Satan is not talked about all that much in biblical scripture, and I don't think at all in Islamic scripture, at least not in the Qur'an. But as you note, when he does show up in the Bible it is about directing to a truth.
I'll have to go back to the literature, but I seem to remember that satan/lucifer is said to have been one of the most beautiful beings in heaven.
Satan takes the brunt or the blame for bad things which may not be deserved. It is Yahweh who does all the killing, sends plagues, floods, and makes outrageous commands, as well as demands praise and offerings. Satan really hasn't done much except have that one interaction with Jesus after Jesus was baptized.

Precisely. In the Garden of Eden, the serpent is never named, but most Christians attribute the serpent to being Satan. But even if it were, he was trying to teach Adam and Eve, to bring them out of the darkness of ignorance and give them knowledge of the world, while God desires to keep them as his precious little pets.

To elaborate, ever notice how the bible doesn't actually talk about satan being a tempter of any sort, but when his presence is assumed, he is trying to lead man to knowledge, not to sin or pain.

Hmmm interesting, Frosty. Score one for the devil worshipers lol.