Hit and Run

I want to voice my support for my atheist friends in addressing what went on with Godlessmomma and ep support.   I also have some thoughts and observations to share.

There is a problem that I have had with many Christians that I have had even more so with people doing the Course in Miracles, which some of you may be familiar with.  I won’t go into their whole belief system, but one of the things that seems to happen to many people as they go through the course is that they deny having any aggressive impulses.  I bring all this up because this is part of what I saw happening the other night with Orionlover and Shadowofdoubt.   They acted in an aggressive way--going around changing logos on groups is pretty aggressive, their comments were aggressive—and then they backpedaled and acted like they hadn’t done anything, and located all the aggression in the atheists that were commenting.  They did a "hit-and-run." They took no responsibility for their own provocative behavior.   It was infuriating. 

My challenge to you is to give some thought to how to respond to these kinds of provocations, which will be coming again.  Think about what your real values are and articulate them.  Although atheists do get censored and persecuted, don’t just respond as a persecuted group.   Think about why it is important to have a vocal, uncensored atheist group.    I think I and others who don’t identify as atheists could join the chorus, if you would like a broader coalition addressing this.    But I won’t join in anything that counter-persecutes other groups.

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I consider myself an atheist (may god strike me down for saying that).<br />
I think it's worth considering what you're trying to achieve when you argue with a closed system of thought that doesn't acknowledge the possibility that a god may not exist. You're on the back foot already. If I might make a suggestion, just pretend they're not there. It makes them crazy. If they slander you, ignore them as you would a barking dog. If you find their comments intolerable, block them. But every time you respond to them, you validate them. You make them feel like warriors fighting a just war. <br />
If you ignore them they will feel like asylum inmates punching feathers in the air. <br />
<br />
If they take down your avatar, put it up again. Remember too that atheism require the patience of a saint.

Lol! You are so right!

But EvesHarvest, didn't you get the memo? Glib cynicism is hip and fashionable... not to mention it's easy and much more likely to be mistaken for profundity.

Snarkbite, I'm glad to see all the action being taken! Phage, I think persecution and discrimination need to be fought, not just passively accepted.

Persecution is an inherent aspect of human nature. The best anyone can hope for is that it mostly happens to other people.

The "hit and runs" are extremely frustrating, because you can't hold a rational dialog, which in many of these cases is sorely needed.<br />
I just read on Archimedes77’s inspiring post about an admirable course of action that cc5439 took in reference to this very problem. It is time to stand up and be counted, to protest actions that offend and persecute us by contacting people in leadership positions and letting them know that we want to be heard and respected. <br />
Start with EP and end with a congressmen, it is the only way…<br />
Thank you for this very inspiring post.