A Fine Send Off

I attended the funeral of a friend yesterday. It was held in a really lovely Catholic church. Stained glass, ornate ceiling, gothic arches, the works. A singer hidden somewhere in the eves sang beautiful hymns that resonated wonderfully thorugh this old masterpice of design. The priest acknowledged the christian sects, the belivers and the non believers and delivered a movnig homily. An eulogy presented by a local journalist was eloqent and moitve in equal measure. there were 600 + people there. I found it a really memorable sense of occasion that would have been lost in another venue and wihtout the trappings of the service. I didn't need to believe in God for it to have meaning cos it just did. I haven't seen the light or anything but when one shrugs off this mortal coil a good send off wouldn't go amiss.

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Thank you guys

My condolences, Stevester. So sorry for your loss.

I am sorry for your loss... and I agree there is always something to be said for the decorum of ceremony.

I'm sorry for your loss. I attended a catholic funeral recently which banned eulogies apart from the funeral rites, it must vary from area to area.<br />
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I agree with jp5040 funerals are mainly for the living, and to give most churchs their due they provide it.<br />
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It's the same with weddings, I was initally really keen on a church wedding mainly because that's where I imagined chruches should be, and it took me a while to come round to the idea that a secular cermony could be just as good.

Thanx GF. now get back to bashing the bible thumpers lol

sorry for your loss buddy