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So a few days ago in one of Homelyday's stories I started asking some questions but I have a few more so I thought I'd make my own post rather then taking HD's story away. I think the big question I asked in that story was if y'all believe in souls or not which looking back is kind of a dumb question but whatever I asked anyway. Hopefully these questions won't be as stupid. 


Do you guys celebrate christmas? I mean not in the whole biblical happy birthday jesus way, but the whole gift giving, i love you kind of way. Cuz obviously Jesus is out, and it would be hypocritical to do Santa too but I figured y'all would still do the whole "gift exchange because i love you" part. Christmas becomes less and less about jesus every year so I thought maybe this one would be celebrated. I wont even ask about easter cuz that's just a stupid holiday although if you look at it from a religious standpoint it should be way more important then christmas, funny how that works out. Doesn't Santa count as a false idol anyway?


What do y'all think about Buddhism? It's not so much a religion and more of a journey. They don't pray, they don't have a God, their goal is to find peace within themselves. They also don't try to convert anyone!


What do y'all think of scientology...?


What do y'all think is going to happen in 2012? I've read predictions on the religious front and the scientific front so I just wanted to ask.

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ah well you know, I do have a way with words. I think we should totally start a church for Phage and Snarkbite though, that would be fun.

It is, I'm not saying its not but I don't think I could have reached this point if it wasn't for you horrible dirty heathens :P thanks guys! lol

Paul, I've seen the movie a couple of times and its awesome and completely possible. Its what happens when you take away natural selection lol. <br />
<br />
MG, you like my style? how so? But I guess I'll respect this side of the board and not apportion it. But you know, lately the more I look at the life around me and my own life the more I realize that I need to stop looking up for answers and start looking around me and in me. The more I keep walking with my head in the clouds the more stuff I miss and the more **** I walk into. Now don't mistake this for a conversion, instead this is and enlightenment.

Wish, if you haven't already seen it, rent the movie Idiocracy. Funny but with a wry twist on the point you raise.

i celebrate christmas cause i enjoy buying the gifts for people and making them happy and my entire family celebrates it so...as for souls i dont really believe in that kinda stuff and with the whole end of the world in 2012 thing thats just stupid. and the fact that they made a movie on it was stupid too just because your gonna have the strong believers in that freaking out...although i do want to see cause it looks like a really cool movie but i dont think its gonna happen

well guys I guess I didn't see it that way, but why ask as question I already knew the answer to right? So once again I find myself more educated and aware. I guess my question came about from looking at our society and seeing how jut absolutely pointless some things are. Like why did we evolved our minds to the point of the jonas brothers? Certainly there's no evolutionary purpose for them. Why didn't we evolved into smarter bigger neanderthals? It makes more sense to me that we should have evolved into the mammals version of the raptor then into flava flav lol

Patting ourselves on the back for being the most evolved is silly, especially when it's quite easy to rattle off hundreds of ways in which animals and insects are superior to us. Our "thing" would be our abnormally large brain-to-body ratio, which leads to rather helpful behaviors such as communication, reading, and using technology. Without those things, we are quite feeble, I assure you.

Good question, Wish. I think the key to addressing it is to ask what you mean by saying we are "most evolved." Are we the fastest? No, the cheetah is better evolved for running. The strongest? No. The most widespread? Not if you ask a plant or a bacterial cell. So what's our "thing"? Well, we developed a big fat brain that allowed us to think abstractly and design tools to overcome our weakness, lack of strength, etc. <br />
We tend to naturally look at the world through our eyes. We are the "most evolved" because we rule the Earth. Well, for now.... for a brief period of time. But a bird can rule the earth AND sky. Maybe they are thee most evolved. Bottom line, there is no such thing as "most evolved." Each organism has evolved to where it can exploit a particular niche in the big competition that is life.<br />
<br />
By the way, and as an aside. We tend to sneer at the crude Neanderthals. But they were successful as a species for at least 100,000 years, while modern humans have only been around for maybe 20,000 years (the dates are approx.; not bothering to look them up). So, it's not clear that we will even be as successful as those brutish Neanderthals. Do you think modern humans will be able to keep it together for another 80,000 years?

well then it looks like our minds evolved past our bodies. But even at that we have been around for a very long time and so have other primates so why did we continue while others stopped? why didn't the crocodile continue to evolve and become something better? I'm just wondering why some species hit a certain point and stopped and we continued to unnecessary degrees. <br />
<br />
Evolution has to have a conscious purpose on some level, at least a subconscious level that records the events, surroundings, and hardships of the creature and then goes on to improve on the next batch. Maybe its in the same gene that causes elephants to never forget.

YES!!! I remembered my question!!!!!<br />
<br />
Ok i'll get this out first before I forget. So you guys talk a lot about evolution and how it just happens over the course of a very long period of time which is all very true. But looking at the world do you see anything special about humans? I mean I see it like this: there are hundreds of thousands of different species of animals and there are plenty of them that have been around a lot longer then we have. That being said this is my question: Why is it that of all the creatures on this planet we are the most evolved? Why is it that we are the only ones that have made it this far, so far that we evolved far beyond what nature demands? Other animals have evolved and adapted as nature changed but we went way beyond that and in fact in many ways devolved. <br />
<br />
Paul:<br />
All very good on your comments but on the 2012 thing I do remember reading more on the calender and you're right that's just when they ended it. It had something to do with how they kept time and a "calender year" to them just happened to end on our 2012.

Oh, and regarding 2012. So the Mayans made a calendar good for 5000 some odd years. Probably seemed long enough for them at the time. Not like they couldn't update it when the time came around. <br />
<br />
I've got a calendar from my car dealership that ends in December of THIS year. Does that mean the end of the world will occur in two months??<br />
<br />
Same logic. Calendars end, unless they are perpetual calendars. Those darn Mayans had no idea of the fuss they would stir up by not making a perpetual calendar.

My thoughts:<br />
Christmas: a nice holiday for family and friends to show their love for one another. Involves two imaginary beings: Santa and God. The furthest I'll go is to acknowledge it as the assigned birthday of an inspirational man who was enough of a rabble-rouser that he got himself killed. Sort of like Martin Luther King day, only with presents. <br />
<br />
Buddhism: Hey, if chanting and introspection works for you, more power to you. If you start talking about reincarnation and kharma, you've lost me. <br />
<br />
Scientology: Let's invent a religion and see who we can sucker in. Hey, it worked for Joseph Smith and Mormonism.<br />
<br />
Regarding "genes," there have been some minor errors. If you inherit a gene from a parent (technically, an "allele," which is a *version* of a gene), it's not necessarily identical to the parent's copy. Mutation and recombination occurs in the formation of reproductive cells. These can and do frequently cause minor, and less frequently major, changes from generation to generation.

'stupid monks' rofl

Snark!!!! how are you? I hope you're good. <br />
<br />
But yeah, the more I get answered about christmas the better of a holiday it becomes. <br />
<br />
<br />
Damn, I have another question to ask you guys but I never have a computer around when I remember it... I'll try to remember.

Christmas hasn’t been about jesus since television was invented and advertisers could show toy commercials on Saturday morning, much past the age of 10 it isn’t about Santa either…my family (all atheists) buy each other gifts and decorate for the holidays because it is a nice tradition.<br />
Buddhism is great, it is more of a philosophy than a religion…I have had one of the most moving experiences I have ever had listening to the calming voices of monks chanting, that being said I also fell asleep there and the monks had to wake me up so I would go home.<br />
Stupid monks.<br />
Scientology is crap… ‘nuff said<br />
And the Aztec calendar ends in 2012, here is a newsflash- it ended for the Aztecs way before that…<br />
Nice questions!

wouldn't want to play God now... lol <br />
<br />
<br />
It probably is a large combination of genes that make up personality seeings as there are 25,000 of them. I'll try to remember to read that book, sounds like an interesting read.

This all still makes me wonder how many genes determine our personality. Could we genetically breed nice people? lol and thanks for not hijacking but I dont care this topic is pretty cool

Well then it would make it just more and more combinations that give us variation rather then mutation. However that tight pool just makes me want to make an ****** joke but whatever. <br />
<br />
And yeah it is very interesting how many other lifeforms on the planet we share genes with, aren't we like 2 genes off from a lobster?

that's pretty interesting, but is it still the same exact gene or a variant of the gene? It would be interesting, although hard to believe, that any single gene would have lasted this long without any variation at all.

Anti: i forgot to mention this earlier, great articles in the 2012 spot, its a nice summary of the stuff thats floating on the net.<br />
<br />
MG: I want that shirt too, I can't find it though. And that's a good quote and very true, I don't even know what to do for the next hour and will probably spend it messing around. Besides immortality sucks ***, what if you become a vegetable or something? Or paralyzed from the waist down, you'll be like that forever. <br />
<br />
Rock: I think the be good around christmas thing only really applies to kids. I know I suddenly turned into an angel when november turned around, I planned ahead lol.And I really think Buddhism is just a very interesting way to look at the world, and while its possible to achieve these things without adhering to a religion it is sometimes helpful to have an instruction manual to reference. <br />
<br />
Rock/GodFree: I don't think that it's true immortality that people are after, I think its really just a fear of being forgotten. Or maybe it is real immortality who knows. every religion has a "live forever" clause in it. But I know I just want to be remembered

rock, you said "Everyone wants to be immortal and live forever" I think you nailed it.<br />
All religions, from the most benign to the most intrusive share one thing in common, a dread fear of death.<br />
Eat Jesus and you live forever, the real you never dies you just change bodies, live a good life and you get an easy death, you become one with the godhead. These are just some of the attempts by various religions to quell the fear. Where philosophy's, Taoist, Confucianism and the like just advise you how to live.

MG! I was wondering when you were going to show up. <br />
<br />
so again Xmas, who said you needed to believe in the birth of a tiny man-god-later-turns-zombie to want to show your family and friends some love. Besides its more about presents and St Nick anyway these days. <br />
<br />
Buddhism- you know I don't like to dive too far into any belief structure that's not my own so I guess Buddhism is a great philosophy to pick and choose from because it does have a lot of great things to offer. And the deities and reincarnation you mentioned aren't believed by all practices of Buddhism. It turns out Buddhism is branched out like Christianity is into separate practices. <br />
<br />
Scientology- Created by a science-fiction writer who once wrote a book called "how to start a cult". If I were ever to condone religious oppression it would probably be pointed towards them...<br />
<br />
2012-I'm kind of hoping for some sort of big thing to happen, it'll be great. Although if nothing happens I'm sure there will be a few more Atheists out there. Although it would be cool to go up for the olympics, I didn't realize till right now that you were from London, very cool

okay heres the links, <br />
<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Believe-Strange-Things-Will-Happen-In-2012/140788" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/...</a><br />
<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Believe-Strange-Things-Will-Happen-In-2012/70152" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/...</a><br />
<br />
happy reading :)<br />
after further research (by others) i no longer think much will occur on this day

Stevester:<br />
<br />
Well damn that's a lot. But I guess it would have to be a lot of different things to make us unique. Maybe it has to do with the gene that gives us our thumb print. And the celebration part just makes me think of chrismahanakwanzika. <br />
<br />
Anti: Yeah that all makes sense, I wouldn't want my kids (if I had any) doing the same thing but either way depending on what they believe christmas and easter are still good family holidays to celebrate. Also could you give me a link to your 2012 stories? I went like 2 pages deep in your stories and didn't run into them. <br />
<br />
LOLZ Inspriation.

oh yeah and xmas sex is better than birthday sex.

I celebrate Xmas cos it's being a date on which celebrations have been held long before Christ showed up. I guess i'm just a traditionalist. Same thing for Easter, previous ceremonies adopted by the Church and now we get a day off work. I now want all the other religious beliefs to have official days off work and i'll celebrate all of them.

i didnt read the comments, i'm just commenting directly on the story. as for the soul thing, yah, most atheists like myself do not believe we have them. christmas is celebrated by some atheists but not all. i celebrate it for the simple fact that i have 3 kids. it would not be right to deny them such a fun day full of gifts and family based on my lack of religion. we dont celebrate the birth of christ though, we dont even mention him. its the day that santa brings gifts to all the kids who've been good throughout the year. of course my kids are well aware there is no santa, hes more symbolic. i guess our christmas is more like a giftmas. as for easter, i agree it should be way more important than christmas from a religious stand point. my kids and i celebrate easter as the day the easter bunny hides eggs full of candy. there is literally no point to it. and my kids are aware there is no easter bunny as well since they know i hide the eggs. i choose to recognize these 'normal' holidays because i dont want my kids to choose a religion (if they choose to) simply because of fun associated with these days. my kids look at them as a routine day set aside for family merriment....nothing wrong with that :)<br />
<br />
as for buddhism, though i choose no religion, this is certainly one i can respect. as you stated, they dont try to convert nor do they boast a sense of superiority, unlike other religions. their faith is simple and based on self awareness. <br />
<br />
scientology is the dumbest **** ever.....no more needs to be said about that. <br />
<br />
as for 2012, theres a group on here about it. i posted a couple stories. one even has a map, you should go check it out ;)

A lot of genes are invovled. Also there are regulatory genes so even if you have the same base pair combinations in your genome there are geens that regualte the activity of other genes so the proteins and thus the hormones that are produced and casue the emotions we see as personality are influenced in very subtle ways. The permutations of thes effects are so numerous they are vitually impossible to predict, hence phenotypic plasticity and evolution.

Inspiration, I sure didn't know that it happens every year, oh well there goes that excitement haha<br />
<br />
Godfree, good point!<br />
<br />
Homelyday. Something I made up I guess, just some weird thing that causes parents and children to be nothing alike sometimes. I'm just wondering how many different genes makeup our personality.

the world will end for millions on 12/21/12 as will it end for millions on 12/22,23,24 and so on, it's called death, no big deal.

IWish... what do you mean by "that random gene that just doesn't adhere to Gregor Mendel's work"?! I have never heard of this. Is there proof of it, or is it just something you made up?

IWish, I think what your referring to with respect to the end of the world goes something like this. On December 21st, 2012, the Earth, Sun and the center of the galaxy will come into perfect alignment. This, doomsayers predict, will cause some excess gravity that will bump us off our orbit.<br />
As it turns out, if you look at the star charts, its true. The sun earth and center of the galaxy do come into alignment on Dec 21. 2012. What doomsayers don't tell you is that this happens EVERY year on Dec. 21... Most of these theories were created by people who didn't take enough science in school. Trust me... the world won't end 2012.

I don't really mean anything by it, I just want to know your opinion. A soul can be anything really. I personally believe that it is the part of our make that determines our personality. It's that random gene that just doesn't adhere to Gregor Mendel's work. It's random and ever changing.

Oh, and Souls?<br />
Well, I think "believe in" would be too strong a word. I'm pretty vague in my thinking about what a soul is.<br />
I certainly don't think anything lives on when we die. Unless you can count that we live on in the memories and thoughts of others, but of course eventually we are totally forgotten.<br />
I might use the word "soul" to describe a deep sense of identity but I don't think this is what you mean - you probably mean a definate entity that has existence when we die, or before we were born. If that's the case then no, I don't believe in souls.

and see if more people took it to that same extent I bet the world would be better off Golden. I'm a believer in God and I still don't think the Jesus story should be taken literally. But you're right you don't have to believe to want to celebrate it.

I celebrate Christmas as I get a day off, get together with the family and engage in all the normal rituals. Just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean you don't like rituals and celebrations. A time to remove yourself from the normal routine and concentrate on family, food, wine and good times.<br />
The scenes of bethlehem, the sheep surrounding the manger etc have a comforting factor to me - to me they symbolise family, love, nurturing etc. I try and take what I can from the Jesus story, but I don't have to believe he was a supernatural being to do this. It's not really that important whether he existed at all.

odie-exactly, all about the the giving. <br />
<br />
Windup-lol its ok everyone believes in santa at one point in their lives. <br />
<br />
Inspiration: A soul is a tricky concept, it can be just a stand in for the word personality or it goes as far as the trippy ghost like life force that powers us all. I believe in Karma to the point of good deeds vs bad but the reincarnation thing is way out there. But if you look at it that way they earn the riches and the power for one lifetime because they turn into a ******* with all that power and then come back a sea slug or something. Plus a lot of real buddhists give up everything and move to a monestary. <br />
<br />
lolz scientology. <br />
<br />
however the end of the world is even kind of defended by science. According to the sources i've read we're supposed to be crossing a certain point in our galaxy that causes our magnetic poles to shift. not sure what thats going to do but whatever.

No I don't believe in souls, whatever they are. In my experience most people start mumbling vague contradictions when asked directly what they mean by soul.<br />
<br />
I grew up celebrating Christmas though my parents never really emphasized the wacky religious component. They do however observe it as a celebration of Jesus' birth. Today I see it as a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and exchange gifts. Nothing wrong with that.<br />
<br />
Admittedly I don't know much about Buddhism but I'm always wary of anyone who tells me they know the "truth" and that there are certain rules and a path I must follow to find "enlightenment" and happiness. Smells like BS to me but it seems relatively harmless and it encourages people to play nice (I can play nice all on my own thank you very much!). So if that's' your cup of tea then by all means, I truly respect a person's right to believe in whatever they want, regardless of how ludicrous it might be...That being said I want to point out that I detest its belief in karma and rebirth. Buddhist basically believe you accumulate positive or negative karma through out your life based on certain rules someone made up. Then, when you come back to Earth, your position in society (if you even get to be human) will be determined by your past life. In other words, if your **** poor, handicapped, and miserable you probably deserve it and no one should pity you. If your rich and powerful, you obviously earned it. Rather convenient for those in power don't you think? This or course justified and reinforced the social caste system seen in many Buddhist countries through out history and even today (Ahem! India im looking at you). If this isn't evil I don't know what is, I encourage you to look into it.<br />
<br />
As for scientology and the end of the world, it isn't even worth my time discussing such stupidity. <br />
<br />
Hope I answered your questions!

And hey- isnt that what Christmas is all about? -wait. dont answer that.

hahhahah, those crazy religious folk. i guess talking snakes and virgin births are right up there with alien souls and j ron hubbard. But i figured some atheists would do Christmas, the family and gift giving part because thats the good part about it. just getting together and showing some love.

Hrm. I'm an atheist... its weird. I suppose i really don't believe in souls... If we're talking the floaty ghosty thing.<br />
And yes, i celebrate Christmas, but only because i was raised to celebrate it. My mother is a believer. But in my home its more for family and kind of a tradition. We like to be together and give gifts. <br />
I don't know anything about Buddhism, but it sounds cool! And Scientologists aren't any crazier than the folks that believe in talking snakes and virgin births.