Catholic School

I went to a Roman Catholic School from the age of four. Day in and day out I had to listen to all this stuff about God, Jesus and religion - to be honest, it bored me to tears. I don't ever recall once believing in anything that was said and I hated the way it was forced down on us, we were never allowed to debate or question what was said - we were simply told that that's the way it is.... ! Perhaps had I been able to question it then they could have given me some answers that would have made sense to me and I would've believed - who knows. Religion, to me, is a choice - a very personal choice, and if people want to believe in something then thats their busines, my only problem comes when I have people knocking on my door trying to get me to join their religion - I find that extremely rude and offensive and personally I think it does more to put people of religion than anything.

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That is so funny. :)