Atheist In Hiding

I was raised in a non-religious household and I've been an atheist since I was a tween. I live in a part of the country where conservative Christianity dominates, and it's hard. It's so ironic that members of a religion that professes love and forgiveness can turn so cold when they find out you're not "one of them." I hate confrontation and conflict, so instead of putting myself in a position in which I am constantly defending myself, I tend to just be really vague and evasive when asked about my personal beliefs. I'm not necessarily ashamed, I just think that having to deal with endless debates or attempts to convert me is more trouble than it's worth. I wish I could be more open about it.
AlwaysAdrift AlwaysAdrift 21-25, F 1 Response Oct 31, 2007

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I guess you can be open with us other atheists...