God At A Gas Station.

A guy came round our gas station last year, well dressed in a black suit, with a lapel badge on, which I couldn't initially read. He asked about my accent, and was I from Britain, I said yup. He then asked me why I'd come over.. I thought he was being too nosy and said it was my own business, at which point he pulled a black covered book from somewhere about his person and asked if I knew about the Book of Mormon.

I replied that I had a copy, and that I thought it was hilarious.

The look on his face was priceless. He asked why, and I said how it was obviously a work of fiction, badly done at that. He left before I could go on at length about Messrs Smith and co, but I had to move him on from a gas pump later, as he was trying to sell his wares to our customers.

Never saw him again.

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hehehe....I'm not an atheist...I was for a day or two but I regained my faith, however, this post is hilarious and I am just enjoying reading this stuff....haha

I was working on my car and dusk was falling fast, when lo and behold I heard a voice call unto me. 'Sir can I speak with you a minute'. Looking up I saw before me two Suits, 'is it the Mafia', I thought to myself. Then I saw that where there guns should have been there were bibles, this was serious. 'I'm very busy at the moment, could you come back next..............year.'<br />
It was then they started their high pressure gospel selling. I was desparate to get my car finished before it got completely dark. I carried on working and they carried on talking, I couldn't hear much of what they said but I did hear them mention the church of Mormon. They were very persistant almost getting under the hood and that bugged me.<br />
Then I got up glared at them and told them the name of the cult that I was trying out. They imediately fled shrieking at me as they went 'YOUR THE SON OF THE DEVIL'. The whole of the neiboiurhood must of heard and a number of heads turned in the warm evening air. Well it made me feel quite proud but I don't think my dad knew who he was. Perhaps if I'd have thought I could have got their god to fixed my car for me.

That was a great reply! I remember when I moved to the US and asked for the first time what this Mormon religion was about. I could not believe that anyone could buy into such an astonishingly absurd story. <br />
<br />
Just when I thought that Mormanism had the market cornered on the absurd I learned about Scientology. Those fruitcakes tried to recruit me when I was 14. Even at that age it took me all of 10 minutes to tell them that I was out of there because I thought that they were being manipulative. <br />
<br />
40 million non-believers and growing...thank goodness.

I didn't read enough to make a decision on disturbing or disgusting, it just seemed a load of almost repetitive crud.

Bear with me - was it really sad?<br />
<br />
Or perhaps more disturbing, disgusting...?

No, the whole book is rather sad really (or at least the few bits I could stomach reading). I just told him it was hilarious so I could see his reaction - I can't take these mormons seriously anyway.

Was it really "hilarious"?